Love Is A Mysterious Lie

Positive & Inspiring
February 14, 2018

  In honor of Valentine’s Day today, I want to share the excerpts of my book launch on Kindle Scout, to be nominated for publication. Please nominate it by clicking on the link below! Love […]

Have you lost your identity?

December 18, 2017

Over the years of being around a variety of people, you may eventually mirror them. You may do or say things that others around you are doing. Do you recognize yourself? Do you feel that […]

Filters are Making People Less Confident

December 6, 2017

I’m sure most of you recognize how most photos posted online are filtered. Most of us have done this. Or, still currently do. It’s rare to see a natural photo posted these days that isn’t […]

Mental Health Awareness

November 9, 2017

Mental Health has such a negative stigma attached to it, but it is actually a very healthy, and positive thing to work through within yourself. I’ve grown a passion for wanting to spread the awareness […]



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