Life Can Be Overwhelming – Take Baby Steps

Do you ever feel overwhelmed with daily tasks you have that you feel you don’t have time for anything else? We all know that as we get older, more responsibilities get added to our list of things to do or take care of. 

Living life with your to do list tends to get in the way of actually living life. I’m not saying we veto our lists, because I’m a big firm believer in using one on a daily basis. I would forget half the things I need to get done if I didn’t have my phone and reminders. Yet, don’t get bent out of shape if you don’t check everything off that day, or even that week.

I know I sure have my days where I feel that way. I’ve learned what worked best for me began with baby steps. I started by organizing my to do list by importance. The items that need to get done that day, or could be done by the end of the week. If you’re not in a routine of this, then it may take time making this a habit to create reminders in your phone or your planner.

Make sure you set small or short-term goals. Long term goals are great as well. Yet, this may not be the instant gratification you may be desiring. Sometimes with a hectic schedule you want to feel accomplished.

It will be possible to get your goals with baby steps, not gigantic steps. This can also apply to finding time for other things you want in your life. For example, if you want to have time for exercising, set a small goal for how often you would like to go to make you happy.

For myself, I go at least 3 times a week, but would prefer 5-6 times a week. Sometimes life or work gets in the way and I just don’t have time for it that often during the week. Yet, due to creating a plan on what I need to be happy and healthy, I don’t feel disappointed if I can’t go 4-6 times a week. Every week and every day are different for me.

On the days it’s impossible for me to find a moment for a good long workout. I’ll either do something else exercise related. Go for a short walk, do jump and jacks, push-ups, etc. to feel comfortable with doing something or I’ll just make it a point to eat healthy the entire day. That way I don’t beat myself up for not working out at all.

Another example, would be finding more time to call your family more or friends. I know this one is always on my list. My life is so hectic and busy all the time that the last thing I have time for or even want to do after a long day is to call anyone. I work 10 hour days, with an hour commute in the morning and the evening. Then by the time I get home I let my dog out, feed her, run over to the gym for a quick workout and come home to shower then make dinner.

When all is said and done, it’s usually around 9 PM at night. Which is why I rarely want to talk on the phone by then because I’m exhausted and generally get in bed by 9:30 PM or 10:00 PM. I usually try and take care of my phone calls on my drive home since I have a long commute.

If that doesn’t work due to the other person’s schedule, then I make the call in the evening. Regardless of how tired I am. I want to at least keep up with my small personal goals of keeping in touch more often like I said I would. I usually will keep the conversations short if possible on those long days. When I do this, it helps me feel accomplished and happy keeping up with my goals.

The last thing I never made time for that for years I said I wish I did, was writing a blog. As you can see, I have accomplished that at this point. It took me years of saying it and a car accident to wake my ass up. Life is too short to keep saying, “I’ll get around to it sometime” “Maybe I’ll start Monday” “One day…”. Or whatever excuse you tell yourself. I forced myself to find the time for it.

Short term goals, small goals and baby steps. I don’t write as much as I would like to, but at least I’m doing it. When I traveled for my career over the course of 3 1/2 years, that’s when I was determined to start my blog. I have been to so many amazing places and I wanted to share my fun adventures with everyone. But, I never made the time for it.

Now is the time to take your goals and interests off hold, set them and do something about it already! It’s disappointing when you realize how fast time flies by and you recognize how long you’ve been saying you “wish” to do certain things.

No more excuses! What do you have to lose? Step up to the plate and do the things you’ve been telling yourself to do for so long. Good luck!


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