The Journey to a New Life

Being the deep thinker that I am, I’ve always spent a lot of time thinking about my future. Where I want to live, my career direction, how I wanted to get there, how I would turn it into fruition, etc.

I had no idea where my career was going at the time in 2008/2009. Nor where I wanted to live, but I knew it wasn’t in Tampa long term. In 2009  I decided I wanted to move to another state. Somewhere where there were seasons, but not freezing cold weather. A place where I would be near people I knew and in a bigger city. It was a pretty tough decision deciding where I wanted to go at the time.
New York City was where I wanted to live for several years. It’s my favorite city in the country, but I couldn’t bear the winters up there. I had to brainstorm where I could go that would be South of NYC. Then I realized I had a cousin that lived in Charlotte. I’ve always loved the Carolina’s. I traveled there and Virginia often to see family. I remembered it being chilly there but not as bad as NYC.
When I applied to hotel jobs in the city, I learned that not living there was a big disadvantage in landing a job. For a month, I got e-mails returned to me. Either that the companies I applied to hired someone else or I didn’t hear anything at all. It was over that time frame that I knew I had to step up my game. I decided it was best to drive up there and apply in person.
One weekend, I was able to get a Friday off to drive up then back on Sunday. The drive took a good 10 hours total, which was exhausting. On Saturday, the entire day I dropped off my resume and applied to hotel jobs in person. I left the following day back to Tampa and it became a waiting game. To my surprise, later that week I received a phone call from one of the hotels I dropped my resume to. The position I applied for at this hotel was a Catering Sales Manager role. The lady that called me mentioned she was impressed I drove up there over a weekend to drop off my resume in person.
She felt it showed such dedication and passion for wanting the job. She then set up a phone interview a couple days later with me. The phone interview went so well, that they wanted me to come in for a face to face interview. I asked if it was at all possible to interview me over the weekend due to my job situation and traveling. They complied.
This time around when I drove up for the interview, I wasn’t feeling so well and was coming down with some sort of a cold. The morning of my interview, I was much worse and had the flu, but there was no way I could call off the interview. I pushed myself through the interview thanks to the adrenaline rush. After a few days of recovering, returning home and going back to reality, I got a call from the hotel. The lady I interviewed with asked for a third interview, which would be over the phone with the owners. I was pretty ecstatic.
After the final phone interview, I got the call a couple days later that they wanted to hire me. At the time, I had never been happier because my life was about to take a whole new exciting direction. I gave my notice the next day and two weeks later I moved to Charlotte! Such an amazing journey that was for me!
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