Work Hard or Stay Home

As a Manager, I have seen a variety of diverse personalities amongst my employees. 

A variation of them will usually fall into some of these categories. Late on a consistent basis, calling in sick often, completes half the duties required. They avoid completing their work which requires auditing it on a daily basis. They complain or are negative about everything. They don’t communicate to the right people yet cause drama or starts rumors with the wrong people. The list could go on.

The second group of individuals fall into these categories that have the same mentality as myself. They arrive to work early every single day. To the point that when they arrive on time, you wonder if something is wrong. They come into work even on days they are sick and push through the day as best as they can. They only call in sick when they feel like they are dying.

They complete a generous amount of work and then some. Effort is their middle name because it is in every duty they are given. They think outside the box and do not shy away from bringing ideas to the table. They communicate their concerns or ideas to their managers. There are a lot more remarkable qualities I could list about people in this category. Those types of strong workers are challenging to find nowadays.

When someone from the first group of folks I mentioned above show up to work, I don’t understand why they bother. Even though I would hate for them to call off on a regular basis – They might as well quit in that case. They aren’t doing anyone a favor by showing up with the wrong attitude. It’s important to love what you do, or at least learn to like it. Being positive is not only important outside of work, but it’s crucial at work as well. Learn to focus on the positive things within your career. I could list several things I haven’t been happy with at work, but why would I do that and focus on the negative?

That will only cause me to be miserable and drive me into searching for other jobs. Which is sometimes necessary depending on your position, etc. At your next job you’ll most likely find more or different reasons you aren’t fulfilled. There’s always going to be something, if you allow it.

Another important thing with being a hard worker, is not taking your personal life to work. We have all had our bad days or have gone through something serious in our personal life one time or another. But a hard worker does not allow that to interfere in the workplace.

I feel it can make you look weak if you do that and it is not a good judge of character for how you are on a good day. In other words, you don’t want people to remember you for your bad days. You want them to know you as the attentive worker that you are.

Start focusing on the positive facts at work. Number one could be that you have a job that pays the bills. Do you know how many people out there are still unemployed? Some have been unemployed for several months. Dipping into their savings just to make ends meet or they are asking family members to borrow money.

Others have their Master’s degree and have been unable to land an entry-level position because they are over qualified. Look around, and you may realize what you have isn’t as crummy as it may seem sometimes. Be thankful to have a position that you receive a paycheck from.

Let me also ask you this, do you feel better coming home from a long day giving half your effort and being miserable? Or from a long day, giving all your effort and delivering the best you can for that day? I know for me, I feel a lot more accomplished and delighted about my work when I know I gave it my all.

Unfortunately, you may be working with people that do not appreciate your hard work. That’s a struggle I’ve dealt with in several positions as well. Learn to accept it and avoid affecting your job performance. The most important aspects are to be happy, confident and proud of your own work.

If you were to ever become a Manager, then you will notice you rarely get those types comments anyway. Since you are the leader and you should be leading by example. Plus, when you work hard every single day at your job, it’s much easier revealing the truth in an interview. In regards to all the hard work you’ve accomplished in your previous employment. Rather than lying and spending energy on proving something that is fabricated.

Furthermore, you could have a valuable reference from your employer in those instances. Keep your head up, work hard and be positive!


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