My Journey Through a 6 Week Weight Loss Challenge

I recently joined Orange Theory Fitness, which was honestly one of the best decisions of my life. I have never had such an intense workout in my life (and I’ve tried a variety of workouts!). They have a 6 week weight loss challenge that started today, and I signed up!

I thought it would be beneficial to blog about my progress and share how things are going. I plan to include what I’m eating, how often I’m working out, how I feel. OTF requires attending a class at least 3 times a week for this challenge. My goal is to attend at least 5 times a week.

If you’ve never done OTF, let me tell you a little bit about how their workouts are. It’s an hour long class, including strength training and cardio intervals. Each class is always a different workout (which is why I love it!). They give you a strap to wear around your chest with a heart monitor. In the workout area, there are a couple of TV’s that show your percentage, heart rate and calories you are burning. It also shows a color of your current progress. The ideal goal is to reach the “Orange” color, which is when you’re burning the most calories. It’s neat to see all this information while working out, and see how you are doing compared to others. They tell you not to compare yourself to others because each individual is different, which is true; however, I’m too competitive not to.

The coaches push you through the workouts and I usually push myself more if I see I’m slacking more than others. At the end of the workout, you receive an e-mail that shows your results of how well you did. Typically you burn 400+ calories in each hour long workout! I’ve seen some burn 800+ calories! It’s amazing! You continue burning more calories throughout the day after the workout as well.

In addition to how often I work out, my goals are to eat a clean diet during this challenge (and continue afterwards). This means I’m going to nix processed foods (the majority of them), nix as much dairy as I can, nix any sweets and nix added sugars (no more than 6 teaspoons, 20-30 grams per day), as well as eat more fruits, veggies, nuts and healthy meats. I know this will be the most challenging part for me; which is also the most important for losing weight and being healthy. I will allow myself 1 cheat day a week, or 1 cheat meal a week. I love food, so I intend on being a little cranky probably for the first week or two. Join me on the wild ride!

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