Simplify Your Life – It Really Is Simple

Over the past few years and mostly the last 6 months, I’ve continued working on simplifying my life. 

I am almost complete with this process but never will because my life will always be changing. It took a few eye openers in my life to make these changes. I have come to realize that things are just things, and they don’t matter to me nowadays like they used to.

What matters to me are the people in my life, as well as living life to the fullest. I want to explore the world and experience different cultures. I want to try different foods and meet people that have a whole different perspective on life. I want to see everything outside of my realm over my lifetime before I leave earth.

I’ve been pretty fascinated by the Zen lifestyle and home environment. There is still a lot to learn with this lifestyle, but I know what works in the home setting. At this point, I have donated over hundreds of clothes, shoes and furniture to Goodwill over the years. I still have a lot more I’m going through to donate as well right now since I just moved. I have also been giving away some items to people that want or need them.

There have been higher priced items I have actually tried selling, but most I’ve downsized a lot. I will admit that a while ago, watching House Hunters Tiny Homes also added to my excitement of simplifying my home. I saw how easy those people moved into a tiny home because they didn’t have so many unnecessary things. Those people to me are the people that are living life, which is why they can live in a tiny home. They don’t seem to care about all those things that don’t matter in life. They care about living life and being outside of the home in the world.

Why keep all this clutter if they don’t mean anything anyway? Also, if you haven’t “used” it or “worn” it in 6 months to a year, then why do you still have it? It will be another 6 months to a year until you come back to that item and realize you still haven’t used it.

Think back to how many times, months or years that you’ve come back contemplating keeping it or not. I do understand that some of us have fears that once we get rid of it, then we will want to use it again. This could be true. I can’t say how you would feel about it. Yet, I feel that’s one way of saying you’re “taking things for granted”.

It’s no surprise that now you want it when you can’t have it, or it’s gone. Now you feel you need it. But do you need it? Probably not. It’s just gone now and out of your life. It’s change. Move on. A lot of people take things for granted and want those things back once they are gone. But, when they actually have them, they don’t always use  them or cherish those in their life.

There are definitely some things we of course need to have in the home, such as dishes, cups, clothes, etc. Yet, do you need 15 bowls for just yourself? 15 different pairs of jeans? 15 different types of purses? Sure, some of these things you may need more of if you have a family or roommate. I ask you though to think about some of the things you have that are just there. Taking up extra space and collecting dust.

I know for me; I don’t need 15 or even 10 of the same item. Now, yes, I am a woman and some of us love our shoes, purses, jewelry, you name it. I sure do. I have changed my outlook even on those items. When was the last time I used that purse? How often do I wear some of those heels? Some of them hardly go with any of my outfits I even have.

Not only that, some of my heels are actually uncomfortable. Some items are seasonal and only worn during those summer or winter months. I store those in another bin until need be, but still keep it simple on how many I keep.

That’s when you come to the point of acceptance and understanding. You understand to appreciate those in your life more often if you actually love them. You accept that you no longer have that item once it’s gone, or that person. There’s no point in having it in your life if you don’t appreciate it, and it’s just not necessary.

That’s where I have come to realize all these “things” I have, are meaningless. I don’t care about half of them. I haven’t used some of these items in years, so why am I holding on to them? It’s just adding frustration to my life because it’s taking up unwanted space. Being Zen at home, is having a clean, calm environment with no clutter.

I have even simplified items on my laptop, or apps on my phone. Deleting emails and I carry small purses now, keep my car clean and simple and many more random things. I have noticed a dramatic difference in my life since I have donated so many things from my home. I feel calm, more refreshed and at peace.

It also feels good giving to others and knowing others will appreciate some of those items. We all know the saying “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. Organization has always been huge in my life. I love the container store!

If anyone needs any tips for becoming more organized or simplifying your life, I would be happy to share more of my opinions. Simplify your life!

This is a helpful article to help simplify your life and a lot of what I have done to change mine.


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