Positive & Inspiring

Relying On Others Can Set You Up For Failure

March 28, 2015

  Which path do you want to choose? Your own, or what someone else has decided for you? From the many trips I have taken around this world and the copious amounts of people I have […]

Positive & Inspiring

My 24 Hour Getaway For Just Me

March 15, 2015

On Saturday, March 7th 2015, I took a little 24 hour getaway to unplug from everything going on in my life. This was kind of a spur of a moment thing. I reserved my hotel […]

Positive & Inspiring

Do you always take the chances you are given?

March 6, 2015

Sometimes second chances are not given to you, when you may feel you deserve one. Depending on the situation, these second chances are not presented to you again.  Several people actually live in regret because […]