My 24 Hour Getaway For Just Me

On Saturday, March 7th 2015, I took a little 24 hour getaway to unplug from everything going on in my life. This was kind of a spur of a moment thing. I reserved my hotel reservation earlier in the week for just one night at the Streamsong Resort.

I was looking for a peaceful, calm and serene place away from the city. Yet not too populated or touristy. I must say, this resort was the most perfect place and exactly what I was looking for. It is out in middle of the state, in the middle of nowhere pretty much. The only thing out there is the resort and nature in it’s beauty.

I left my house at around 9:30 AM Saturday morning and drove out to Streamsong. It took about an hour and a half and was a cloudy morning. Luckily there was no rain in the forecast. I had to use my GPS on the phone to locate the resort, but as soon as I arrived I immediately put my phone in airplane mode.

I did not want to get disturbed by anyone while I was out there in my own world. I had no agenda and no set plans while being there. I just wanted it to be as stress free as possible and enjoy the time to myself.

As soon as I arrived, I walked in and immediately saw this gorgeous view of the lake in their lobby. This put me in a calm state right away.

The first thing I did when I arrived was take photos of the view from my room. The room was neat and modern. The windows were floor to ceiling with wooden panels that opened and closed to your liking. The room was separated by a desk in the middle, with a flat panel TV on each side.

The evening I arrived
The morning I woke up and left

There was a shelf along the wall with popular historical books you could buy. The shelf was carved out for books so they could all line up perfectly. One part of this shelf/wall also had one area carved out for one book. I thought that was unique and aesthetically pleasing.

The bathroom had a stand-up shower with a glass panel. It had sleek grey tiles and two beautiful vanity sinks with a granite counter-top. The lighting was just right in the bathroom. Glowing on the bottom of the vanity shelf and on the ceiling in some areas.

Once I got settled in my room, I took a walk on the hiking/jogging trail around the property. I grabbed my phone to take photos and my headphones for music. While walking over towards the trail, a large alligator was lounging on the property. I got up close and personal to take a quick snapshot of him.

Then as I continue down the path I passed by the beautiful infinity pool. The pool overlooked the large lake where the white pelicans hovered around in groups. Several hawks, osprey’s and other birds flew above me.

I was hoping for a sunny day so I could read and lounge by the pool. Yet I only got to see the sun the following day when I left the resort.

I continued past the pool, past the tennis courts and then began my walk on the trail. I first saw this sign as I walking up the path. It was interesting to see several signs that said “Beware of wildlife”.

I felt invigorated being out there alone and knowing there was a chance I could see animals in the wild. Being out there felt like I was in another country. As I walked through the path of trees covered in moss, and over bridges, I saw large piles of dung from animals. I later was told there are bobcats, boars, deer, wolves and snakes, amongst many other wildlife out there.

Once I walked around the other side of the lake, I realized I scared a turkey that was hiding in the bushes. He made some strange noise of panic and flew off. We were both alarmed in that moment since I didn’t know he was there and he didn’t know I was there. Funny moment

The wind rustled through the trees and the tall grass. I could hear the crisp sounds of the crinkling from the pieces of grass that were dead. After my leisurely walk, I came back to the hotel to catch a ride over to the golf course to explore as well. I was able to get a nice tour on the golf cart all around the course. The course was beautiful!

The rest of the day I wandered around the property, taking in the nature. I also meditated, stretched and relaxed in my hotel room. I never once turned on the TV. I enjoyed looking out at my view, and allowing my mind to wander into deep thought.

Later in the evening I went to the rooftop bar/restaurant, ordered an appetizer, dessert and a martini. I mingled throughout the evening with a few more cocktails.

The following morning, I picked up Illy coffee. The barista made me a chocolate/caramel espresso and oh my it was delicious! I took my coffee and wandered through the spa – which was quite amazing! It was like wandering through caves, with artic blue waters. They had hot and cold tubs/pools you could relax in.

Unfortunately, I was unable to actually enjoy the spa but I will be back to do that again someday. The sun was out that day, so I enjoyed time around the pool and had another round walking the nature trail again. Shortly after my walk, I finally accepted I had to leave property and head back to reality.

I would recommend this to everyone! Not sure the resort of course, but taking the time out for yourself. Take a little getaway and unplug from technology, just be in the moment of enjoying the day as well as life. This is something I will continue doing for myself when I can. It’s not always easy for everyone to do, which I understand. Yet, it was one of the most refreshing and exhilarating things I’ve ever done for myself.

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