Inspire and Change Someone’s Day – Pay It Forward!

Last Friday, my morning started off on a foggy, cloudy day. I was feeling off due to the weather; yet, once I got to work it turned out to be a Pay It Forward Friday to my surprise.

At my job, you are allowed to wear jeans on Friday’s if you pay $2, which is donated to a few different charities. Around 7:35 AM Friday morning, a nice young lady approached the desk and offered to pay $2 to the next person. I have only seen the Pay It Forward a few times in my life, and only at Starbucks or some type of coffee shop. It’s inspiring!

The trend went on the entire day at work and every single person continued to Pay It Forward to the next person. Some people reacted surprised and happy, saying it was a great way to start their Friday. Others did not seem fazed by it but they continued the trend out of generosity. It may not have affected someone in that moment but it could have a positive affect later that day.

Today I decided to start my Monday off Paying It Forward as well. I go to Starbucks maybe once a week, or depending on the week it can be every other week. I knew today was going to be an long day so I treated myself to a Starbucks.

Monday’s are not usually the most exciting days for most people and today is a cloudy morning again. I decided to Pay It Forward to the next person behind me in the drive-thru lane. I bought her coffee and told the barista to tell her I said “Happy Monday!” I could have thought of something cleverer than that, but my brain was still in “sleep mode”.

This is something I would like to try and incorporate in my life more often than not. It’s not something I can do weekly depending on the cost; but, my goal is to do this every few weeks in random places. Especially if it’s only a few dollars here and there, why not? Something simple and small like that wouldn’t hurt my bank account. And it can turn someone’s frown upside down! I would love to be a part of helping people have a better day or being somewhat of a positive influence in their life.

These are the little things that can go a long way for someone, and can be so meaningful to someone. It’s a great way to start any person’s day off right or to brighten someone’s unpleasant day. Who knows if that person woke up on the wrong side of the bed, or just received some devastating news?

I think this is an excellent way to inspire people and spread the love. It can help make the world a better place if we do little things like this more often, and for no reason at all. For the sake of being kind and thoughtful!

Will you Pay It Forward today or have you done it before? Share your story!

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