Relying On Others Can Set You Up For Failure


Which path do you want to choose? Your own, or what someone else has decided for you?

From the many trips I have taken around this world and the copious amounts of people I have met, I have discovered a lot. I noticed that a handful of folks admit they have relied on others for the answers to their life. Based off what those have decided is in their best interest.

Although advice can be useful and helpful, choosing what others feel is ideal for you isn’t always helpful. When you understand it, you will recognize that it prevents you from your own growth.

How will you ever be certain about how some things should go for you, without deciding it for yourself? And learning from your own mistakes? Knowing what is right or wrong for you, and you only. That is how we establish our own identities.

Now I’m not saying you should never entertain someone else’s feedback. That can be crucial to continuing your life with an open mind. Also understanding what others have observed over their life time.

For myself and where I am currently in my life, it is important for me to avoid relying on those in that regards. For me, it’s important to ensure I 100% make my own decisions. Whether it be the right or wrong decision, I will learn from my own mistakes. Doing so will help me become a stronger and more independent person, and it can for you too.


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