Build A Backbone And Dish It Back

 How often do you bite your tongue from saying what you want to say? I hardly refrain from speaking my mind nowadays.

It may not be immediately noticeable, but it builds internal stress when you keep so much inside. You aren’t being you if you’re refraining from saying what you feel. We don’t always get the opportunity to go back to that particular moment to voice our thoughts.

Granted, there is a time and place for everything. I feel it is a matter of how you word your thoughts or opinions to others. Everyone will interpret what they want to interpret. We all have different minds. Which is something we should always be aware of when disclosing our thoughts to others. If you know your audience, then that’s helpful. This way you know how to divulge information to them in a way they would understand.

I find it valuable letting go. Reduce the stress of keeping it all in your head and weighing on your shoulders. Just say it! What do you have to lose? We should not always be so consumed by how others will take our thoughts or opinions. Regardless if you speak your mind or not, people will still have their own opinions of you anyway. Easier said than done, yes. Yet, life is so much more fascinating not caring about what others think of you. You may as well say what you want to say! A second opportunity will not always come around.

I do feel this is not only essential for telling someone how you feel, but also for standing up for yourself. Stating your opinions in particular moments that may differ from others. We don’t want to be a simpleton per se (unless they deserve it of course). It’s more a matter of how you explain your outlook.

As I mentioned before, knowing your audience makes this part easy. Yet, if you don’t know your audience then you get a pass to some extent as well. They most likely don’t know you in some fashion either. Speak how you want to speak, and say what you want to say! Relieve the stress of keeping all those thoughts in your head. Life is too short!

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