Reveal And Determine Your Own Closure

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Wouldn’t it be nice if we could get closure on everything in life?

Especially the things that don’t make sense to us on why they happened in the first place. If it involves another person, you may never gain the closure you desire from them. Yet, sometimes in life you have to accept it as a ‘part of life’, and gain your own closure.

Time also gives you the closure you are looking for. There are many facts in life that we may not always understand. Questions pop up in your head on why something happened in the first place, or why it changed/ended. If it involves another person, some of us may ask that particular person over and over for answers.

If you don’t understand why things ended, then you may never be content with their answers. Over time you’ll just have more questions. If you’re dealing with a liar, sadly you won’t even get the closure you are looking for or deserve at all. They are a liar after all. Nothing they say matters or is the truth.

The truth is your truth. It’s how you interpret things. How you understand it. Your opinion of it. Someone can tell you one thing, but that doesn’t mean you believe it to be the truth. You will still believe what you want to believe. Hence why closure comes from within oneself.

This is a hard fact of life. You need to accept that period of your life ended, and over time you will gain your own closure. As well as understanding as to why it happened/why it changed/why it ended. The answers someone else might provide you may help. It can also add to discovering your closure, but ultimately it lies within you.

I do feel that the more you want the answers, the sooner you will get them. If you actually take time to yourself, unplug from things so you can focus, think and see it all from outside the box. Slowly but surely, the answers will be revealed. Continue doing that for several days, and each day you’ll get closer and closer to your truth.

Trust your gut and your instinct. It’s usually the first thought or feeling we have when we ask ourselves a question or someone else asks you. We all know what our gut is telling us, we just don’t want to always believe it or accept it.

“You don’t need closure. You just need to give yourself permission to move on.” -Steve Harvey

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