Stop Adjusting To The B.S. In Your Life

Ever notice that when you get a whiff of something revolting, your nose adjusts to the smell? After a period of time being around that smell, you no longer smell it.

This is like negative situations (aka “bullshit”) in your life you’ve adjusted to. Yet your body seems to accept it in all sorts of mysterious ways.

There have been a few terrible situations before that have given me that pang in my stomach. They no longer do now, but those situations still exist in my life. This got me into deep thought about the body and what it goes through during these types of situations.

Surrounding yourself in these situations can trick your body into adapting to it. This works when it comes to fearful situations that are actually beneficial to your life. Given you are stepping out of your comfort zone to better yourself or something. Yet, it’s not something we should accept if it’s anything negative towards our lives.

I’ve been learning to no longer accept these particular gloomy situations any longer. It’s amazing how my body doesn’t react to some of it anymore because it’s no longer a new feeling. When you no longer feel that discomfort in your stomach, then wake up and smell the bullshit! Your gut knows the bullshit you should not be tolerating.

Your body has adjusted to it because you’ve been dealing with it for too long. This could also be the like the saying “looking at things through rose colored glasses”. At that point, you may be seeing it a particular way due to this feeling. In that moment your body reacts to it different.

We tend to no longer recognize it’s actually something that should not happen. Once we understand it. Take a look at these situations that we may have accepted, that should be unacceptable. We all deserve happiness! Not only where it’s obvious on the outside, but our internal happiness as well!


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