It Is Time To Stop Taking Everything For Granted

I’ve been through a lot lately. Good, bad, amazing, ugly. I’ve gotten away with things I may not have deserved. I have received things that I do deserve. It got me thinking lately, how often we can take for granted the things/people we have in our lives. As well as the things we get away with. Perhaps on a regular basis, or perhaps every blue moon. Depends on you and your life.

How many chances have were you given getting away awful things? When will you learn from those mistakes? When it’s too late? Well, by then, it’s too late. Why not learn and realize it now, before there’s the possibility of it being too late?

When it becomes too late, you may live with regret for a long time. I have had my fair share of moments like that in my life. If you know deep down, what you are doing is wrong, then change it. Do the right thing!

I feel the best way to live life, to the fullest, is to not have any regrets or “what if’s”. If something atrocious happened from your poor choices, then you’re lucky to been given a second chance. Learn from it and avoid doing it again.

Imagine how better our lives would be, and the people in them and the world around us… if we all just did the right thing. Easier said than done right? Nah. It’s all in your head thinking that way. If you think about it, it can happen. How? By just doing it!

If you keep making the mistake of drinking and driving, call a cab or Uber. They make it so much easier for us now. Yeah you’re spending more money doing it; but didn’t you just spend a lot of money on alcohol? And do you want to spend more money on a DUI? Or even worse, killing someone drunk driving? That sure will change your life forever. The cab is the cheapest and safest route when it comes to your life.

Are you lying to people in your life? Those you care about and love? Or just anyone in general? How does it feel having that lie live with you forever on your guilty subconscious? It should be pretty awful.

Get it off your chest now and off your guilty subconscious. Do the right thing and tell the truth to those you’ve lied to. Especially if you care for them and respect them, don’t they deserve it? The truth can hurt sometimes, sure; but isn’t it worse than a lie? For that person to think they can trust you and to find out you’re just a big fat liar. For me, being lied to is a thousand times worse than hearing the hard truth.

Life should be fun and enjoyable, and not always taken too seriously. Make it easier by taking the chances are given, and just do the right thing.

Take a look around and be thankful for what you have in your life. It’s much less stressful not having regrets and soaking up every bit of the greatness you have in your life! Or that you’ve been given. Get out there now and change it for the better!

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