My Epiphany – Keep On Living Your Life & Everything Will Fall Into Place

Last weekend, I snuck away again by myself for 48 hours and stayed at the Safety Harbor Resort & Spa. I stayed for a whole weekend. With the intentions to unplug again from my fast paced life. 

Disappear by myself, turn off electronics, avoid TV and leave my phone on airplane mode. 

Something interesting happened to me during my time away. I had an unexpected epiphany on Saturday afternoon. First, let me share a little bit about how my adventure began.

I arrived Friday evening to discover my room rate included breakfast, dinner and their signature cocktail. Unlimited daily

I had a pretty long week, so I deserved a few cocktails (isn’t that what we all tell ourselves?). Their signature cocktail that day was gin and tonic. As soon as I checked in and dropped off my luggage, I headed for the bar. 

I had dinner at the restaurant and remember chatting with some stranger there by herself as well. We were going to check out downtown, where they closed down the streets and set up shops as well as food trucks. Then it began raining and I was just too exhausted from the week catching up to me. I ended up crashing in bed around 9 PM.

The following morning, I woke up with a terrible headache, and sat up in bed looking around my room confused. What the hell happened last night? Half the stuff in my suitcase was all over the floor. It appeared I was looking for something and just couldn’t find it. Then I looked over on the nightstand and noticed only one earring was there; and had no idea where the other one was. I realized my glasses were also missing from my glasses case; as well as my headphones.

After getting out of bed and freshening up, I started looking around for my missing items. I looked under the nightstands, under the bed skirt, in the pockets of my pants and even in other areas of my bags. I searched the bathroom. I searched the floor near the front door. 

I remembered calling the operator for water, and a housekeeper brought it to my room. I thought, maybe my earring fell off near the entrance. Who knows. I checked the closet. I checked the desk. I even checked the patio. My earring, headphones and glasses were nowhere. I decided to continue on with my day and deal with it later.

I went down for breakfast, then grabbed a few things before my facial and massage from my room. Once I was down in the spa area, I realized I forgot my bathing suit; so I ran back to my room to snag it. As I passed the nightstand, I noticed my missing earring was sitting there six inches away from the other one. I couldn’t help but express my confusion to myself – “How in the world did this just appear?!”

My do not disturb sign was on my door, so no one could have come into my room. I searched everywhere for it, and it was just sitting there like it has always been there. It made no sense how it was there now. Confusion set in. I just left them there, grabbed my bathing suit and continued back down to the spa.

After my massage and facial, I headed back to my room to grab my laptop before heading out on the town for lunch. I wanted to explore a little and do some writing. Since I couldn’t find my headphones, I ran to my car to grab an extra pair before grabbing my items from my room. 

When I returned to my room, I checked inside my jacket pocket…. and BAM! My missing headphones were there now. I was thinking to myself, what the heck is going on here?? How did my earring and now my headphones both appear? It was one of the most bizarre moments I’ve had!

I continued on with my day, walked around town and found this cute sandwich shop. The Sandwich Shop on Main.

The Sandwich Shop on Main


I grabbed a sandwich, did a little bit of writing, and then walked around to a few boutique shops. Shortly after, I decided to head back to my room to do more writing on my balcony. I dropped off my things then ran down to the tiki bar to grab the signature cocktail to enjoy on my balcony. 

The same bartenders were there from the night before, but they didn’t remember me. Even though I had the wristband on, they asked for my I.D. I was quite flattered actually. But I didn’t have it on me assuming I wouldn’t need it. I told them I could run back to my room to grab it but they ended up just giving it to me. I walked back to my room with a smile because. Let’s face it, the older you get, the more flattering it is when you get I.D. for a drink.

As I walked into my room, I saw a strange reflection under my bed in the front. What do you suppose it was? My glasses! I couldn’t believe it. I had no clue how they even got over there. It was a miracle! My things kept randomly appearing throughout the day. That was quite the revelation. Right in that moment is when my epiphany hit me.

I realized in that moment, that if you stop stressing over the things you don’t have any control over, then they will work themselves out. Continue on with your day/life. Everything will fall into place how and when it’s supposed to.

It requires patience, but in due time you’ll see everything. Trust in the universe and what it has planned for you. In due time, everything will come together for you. It’s quite refreshing not worrying about the things you don’t have control over. Let it be and be free. Enjoy living your life!

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