Real Life vs. Social Media Life

 I feel fortunate enough to know a little bit about what life was like before we had so much technology. It actually shocks me to see young children with iPhones and iPads now. Quite a difference than my childhood.

I miss how life was before we relied so much on technology. On the flip side, I am a HUGE techy nerd whom always wants the latest and greatest. I love that we have the technology we have today, and how lucky we are to be able to do many things with a variety of items. I wouldn’t have it any other way in that regards!

Then there’s the big fat BUT… I miss how life was before we had so much technology. We can pretty much watch or talk to anyone we want on our phones, in our cars, on our tablets, through glasses, etc. We are all hooked!

Look around. Most people (myself included) are spending most of their time on their phones. Have you noticed how much they are engaging others compared to how much they are on their phones? It’s quite a shame how technology has taken control of us in that sense.

We spend hours of our lives, scrolling through other’s Facebook pages, Twitter, Instagram, etc. We text so much now, that if you don’t respond to someone within a couple minutes, you get the guilt trip.

We’ve become so accustomed to such quick responses. People tend to think something more serious could be going on if you don’t respond right away. In turn, that leads to a serious conversation or series of questions.

Do you know how many different ways you can interpret a text message? Or an e-mail? Goodness gracious. I’m sure if we were to ask several different strangers to read a text or e-mail you wrote, they would all interpret it different.

Back to the original topic. I miss how life was before we had so much technology and social media. Before Facebook was around, as well as texting, I was actually out there living my life. Not that I am not doing that now, but are you?

I know I don’t spend much time on Facebook anymore unless it’s posting about my blogs or posting some photos. I definitely think it’s great we have Facebook to catch up with others. It just shouldn’t consume our lives. Let’s face it (pun intended?), Facebook is not portraying that person’s true life and we all know it. Everyone’s life looks fantastic on Facebook, but is it that perfect? Probably not.

Are you willing to live more in your real life over your social media life?

Here are a few tips which have helped me:

Once a week, I usually try my hardest to unplug from the world

Whether it be for a few hours, or a whole day. I don’t watch any TV, I don’t get on my computer and I put my phone on airplane mode. I’m just in the moment in my life and with the people I’m with, or by myself. Sometimes it’s getting away for 24 hours, being anywhere and everywhere living life.

Delete social media apps from your phone (or hide them in folders) 

There is too much temptation because it is too convenient. I have added more news and productive apps for myself to do on my phone if I have down time at work. I’m usually writing, reading, working out, socializing with friends, networking… this list goes on.

Put your phone on silent or vibrate when you are with others.

When you are spending time with someone, try to avoid worrying about who’s texting or calling you. Same as “checking in” through an app. If you must, check your phone when you go to the restroom or when you leave your company.

If you’re worried there’s an emergency, add important contacts to your favorites list on your iPhone. That way when it’s on silent and they call, the call will come through still. Remember, if it’s an emergency, more times than not you will get a phone call, not a text message.

There is so much you can do when you focus more on your real life. I am definitely guilty of not always following my own tips. It’s been a work in progress. I’m not consumed with living my life through technology or social media all the time.

Let’s go back to the good ol’ days where we would go outside and play in the yard, fly kites or hula hooping! Maybe that was just my life growing up. Real life is just much more fun!


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