Silly Friday Post – Some Bugs Are Smarter Than I Thought!

Random thoughts I’m having on this lovely Friday morning. Which by the way is another Pay It Forward day at work – love it!

I just had an 11-day detox of no coffee and decided today would be the day I treat myself. Usually, when I get black coffee from Dunkin Donuts, I add in some type of flavor shot (sugar free of course). I like getting the blueberry flavor.

At work, we have this beautiful large planter of orchids at the front desk. As beautiful as they are and look, they are frustrating to have on the desk because they attract gnats. You know what else attracts gnats? Fruit! Whenever I get my coffee and add a flavor shot of blueberry or raspberry, guess what decides to say “Hello!”? so bright and early to me every day I get my cup of Joe and check on my staff at the desk? GNATS!

It got me thinking this morning how these annoying critters are smarter than I give them credit for. I tried tricking them that I don’t have actual fruit in my coffee, since it’s a liquid form of blueberry. Yet, these irritating little pests caught me! They could somehow sense I had something like fruit in my coffee. How in the world do they know?! Anyways, that put a smile on my face, just like my DD coffee said today.

Happy Friday!


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