Tips to Staying Healthy and Active

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1) Keep Moving

Exercising on a daily basis is quite essential to living a healthy life. Whether you are going on a daily walk, run, swim, playing tennis or bike riding. Rather than taking the elevator, walk the stairs. Avoid parking close to the grocery store; and instead park further away to drive yourself to walk more, or even bike ride to the stores in close proximity to where you live. Join a kickball, softball, or any active club/team to keep pushing you in the right direction.

2) Eat Clean

This means, eliminating any and all processed foods. Not necessarily for all of eternity, but for the most part you want to avoid processed food as much as possible. It’s best to eat mostly fruits, vegetables and lean protein. This may seem boring and tasteless at first; however, over time you will start to incorporate and learn more about the different varieties of healthy foods. Eventually it will become enjoyable to mix other items together if you truly open your mind to learn the array of hearty foods offered to you. For example, occasionally I get bored with my daily oatmeal for breakfast; so to make it more exciting and flavorful, I typically add in Coconut milk (Almond milk or soy milk), a little bit of almond butter (cashew butter or sun butter), some type of fruit (blueberries, raspberries or bananas) and maybe a little bit of granola or some type of nuts. I actually look forward to my daily oatmeal in the morning now!

3) Stop With The Diets

It is not beneficial for you to be on a diet; that is if you want long lasting results. This is about you changing your eating habits and making it a lifestyle change of eating well. As a matter of fact, the word “diet” should removed from your vocabulary. Also, take away the two words “cheat meal”.

A diet is usually temporary. There’s always an end date or a goal to achieve. If you tell yourself it’s a diet, then do you plan to stop eating well or staying in shape? Hopefully not. Furthermore, telling yourself you get a “cheat meal” every Saturday or Tuesday for example, may actually trick your mind and cause you to go down the wrong path instead of enjoying eating well. It’s better to live your life comfortably and avoid stressing yourself out over how many calories you’ve had, as well as thinking about when your next “cheat meal” may be. If you crave something sweet for example, try eating something healthier such as fruits. Generally in that case your body is just craving sugar, so a piece of fruit can typically trick your mind and satisfy the craving. If you still get a craving, allow yourself to eat what you desire here and there, just be mindful of it. Have just a few bites to satisfy that craving, but don’t allow yourself to go overboard. If you convince yourself that eating well is part of your daily life and is satisfying, then eating something unhealthy here and there is not really a big deal, considering the majority of the time you eat clean. There is nothing wrong with satisfying the cravings every once in a while!

4) Get Into A Routine

For me, I make it a routine to workout at least 4 – 5 times a week in the morning before work, Monday – Friday. I tend to alternate my days periodically and go on the weekends as well, depending what may be going on at work or in my personal life. If for any reason I can’t workout in the morning, then I exercise after work or do some type of physical activity throughout the day.

5) Eat Five Small Meals Daily

Eating smaller meals throughout the day helps boost your metabolism. I typically eat a smaller breakfast, such as oatmeal; then in between breakfast and lunch I will have a banana or protein shake. For lunch I mostly have some type of veggies with a lean meat and avocado or quinoa. In between lunch and dinner I’ll have an apple with almond butter or some nuts; then for dinner I’ll eat something similar to what I had for lunch. I normally eat smaller snacks in between my main meals but it’s definitely beneficial to have actual small meals similar to what you may eat for lunch or dinner.

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