Adapting to Change

A lot of people discuss change with me, and ask for my opinions on how to adapt when it’s something unexpected.

I know I’ve blogged about how change is a good thing in your life, and it happens for a reason. Now I want to dive into adapting to these changes you may not have expected. Then again, are we ever prepared for change? Generally, no.

There are many scenarios that will cause change in your life, and is different for everyone. Many occurrences will throw a curve ball at you, which may be devastating or positive news in your life. These changes could involve people in your life changing who you knew them as. It could also be people leaving your life on different capacities. Perhaps they are changes in other areas of your personal or professional life.

What I have come to realize, is that when things change in my life, it may not always be easy to understand in that moment. Maybe not even for a period of time. This can be troubling not having the answers immediately. Yet, change has happened to me enough times in my life that I understand the process of it all.

What I have seen is that no matter what, everything comes back full circle. I always find the answers one way or another. At some point it just all makes sense. Same as the truth. It may take one week, or it could take years. The answers are there though. With time and acceptance, sooner or later you will discover it.

Patience is a virtue, and learning to let go of the things you cannot control is essential in life. We cannot control change and change is always going to occur in our lives; whether we like it or not.

Ever prepared yourself for something you thought would happen, and it never happened? Maybe you even prepared for a meeting you had at work that you assumed would go a certain way, but things took a turn on you. What a waste of time! That proves we can’t even control the things that happen in our present day. Which confirms it is ineffective wasting your energy on what you have no control over.

By the time you adjust to a new change, you’ll forget about the last change you adapted to. And will already be experiencing another change! I say we might as well suck it up, and get used to it (at least that’s what I do). Focus on finding the positives in the changes that happened in your life!


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