It’s Never Too Late To Say “I’m Sorry”


There are some things in our lives we may have done that has hurt someone. Sometimes we don’t even realize we have hurt somebody until after the fact.

It can take a lot of courage to face that person and actually apologize for what you did. Especially if you hurt them for selfish reasons. Depending on the circumstances, having the audacity to admit you were wrong goes a long way for most.

Why deny being wrong if you know you were? Denying is just lying to yourself, which in turn not only hurts the other person, but you as well. If you actually care or respect this individual, then the right thing to do would be to apologize.

It’s never too late to say you’re sorry. Maybe you have done wrong to someone years ago which has been sitting on your guilty subconscious. Yet you have not admitted or apologized for it. How about now? What do you have to lose? Confessing this could perhaps mean the world to that person or it could comfort them in some way.

Perhaps they have been holding on to the hurt or pain you caused them for all those years as well. It could be a relief or weight lifted off both your shoulders to just clear the air with it. In turn they could be past it. Yet if you came back to apologize to for it, there’s a chance they would look at you in a more positive way. This shows you have a lot of strength and courage to do such a thing, even years later.

Apologize whichever you want to. An apology is an apology. Whether you feel more comfortable telling this person to their face, over the phone, or in a letter. As long as you are genuine about it and they can interpret it the exact way you mean it.

Be choosy with your words if you text or write it. Everyone can read and translate words different than you may mean. It is not easy to always read someone’s tone of voice in a message (as most of us know). I feel if you want this person to know how sorry you feel, talk to them face to face.

Despite the fact not everyone will accept your apology, you are still doing the right thing. It could depend on how fresh the issue was or if this person has been holding onto it for months/years.

Forgiveness is huge in living a happy, healthy and stress free life. It’s important to forgive yourself, learn from it and move on. If they live their life like that, then they will forgive you as well when the time is right for them.

Be patient after the apology was expressed. Although you may finally have the bravery and determination to do it, they may still need time to process it. Give them their space and give it time if you do not receive an immediate positive response. It will all work out the way it’s supposed over time.

Remember, you are gaining when doing this because it is the right thing! Pat yourself on the back for it. You had the courage to forgive yourself, and you apologized for being in the wrong. Not everyone can say that for himself or herself! Feel free to share some stories where you have done this or you forgave someone that apologized to you.


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