Sunday Funday – Wait, shouldn’t EVERY day be FUNday?

Yes, indeed! Every day of our lives should be FUN day, not just Sunday! We should all be living more in the moment, and avoid worrying so much about the future. Live in TODAY! This is your life right now!

During the dreaded workweeks, it’s difficult to make those days’ fun sometimes. Unless you have a job you love and enjoy, then you’re one of the lucky ones. If you are in the large percentage of those that do not love their job, then weekdays can be challenging to find fun in your day.

There’s not much you can do about that during the workday, but you sure as heck can still go to work and be your happy self! Just by being happy, positive, and making people smile or laugh, can be rewarding. I have a pretty stressful job and the bulk of my days are putting out fires. Also other random things that have nothing to do with my actual day-to-day job duties. If I allow it, it could eat me alive with the stress and negativity I have to deal with on a daily basis. Yet, I try to stay positive and happy. I “breathe in the shit, breathe out the bullshit”. Sometimes, that’s all you can do!

Happy, smiling people are contagious! I have noticed when I am positive and in a great mood, I crack a lot of silly jokes. It sometimes changes others gloomy or lousy moods they are in. Or at least I can get a slight smile out of them. It’s an awesome feeling turning someone’s frown upside down. Not only that, but it helps me enjoy going to work every day.

I try and have fun like this every day at work; saying the most random thoughts I come up with in my head. It is amusing to see people’s reactions to some of the comical thoughts I share.

Outside of work, I get to completely be myself – No filter, no guard up, no professional “act”. I find it refreshing and amazing to live life in the moment. Why not have fun doing it? Every single moment we should be enjoying our lives as much as we have control over.

When I’m not at work, I love writing, outdoor fitness or taking Bella for walks or car rides. Being out in nature and connecting with my inner self. Being around happy and positive people that get my crazy sense of humor. Learning something new or having random conversations with a stranger. Feeding my sweet tooth craving (that’s either a brownie or chocolate chip cookie). Singing at the top of my lungs! And many more little things just put a bright smile on my face.

Go be you! Find out what makes you happy if you don’t already know, and incorporate that into your life on a daily basis! Life is too short, remember?


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