The effects alcohol has on your body

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There are many articles on the positive and negative effects associated with drinking alcohol. Alcohol is a part of many events, but does that mean it’s good for you?

Many people know it’s not healthy, but we also may convince ourselves that a drink in moderation is fine. Which I do believe in moderation is completely acceptable. Although there may be some benefits to have a small part here and there, it’s good to understand the way your body reacts to it. As well as what your body is going through when you consume it.

To begin, alcohol has a powerful effect on your fat metabolism. From, “The reason why alcohol has this dramatic effect on fat metabolism has to do with the way alcohol is handled in the body. When alcohol is consumed, it readily passes from the stomach and intestines into the blood and goes to the liver.”

“In the liver, an enzyme called alcohol dehydrogenase mediates the conversion of alcohol to acetaldehyde.” Acetaldehyde is further broken down into acetate, which is likely to cause significant damage, especially in the liver.

Most of alcohol metabolism takes place in your liver, as well as the brain, stomach, kidneys, pancreas and other tissues. Which can also add to developing different cancers. According to, “the body simply burns the acetate first, and with the rapid rise seen with alcohol intake, basically pushes fat oxidation out of the metabolic equation. Around 98% of alcohol that is consumed is processed in the liver, with the other two to ten percent being expelled through urine, breathing, or sweat.”

The long-term effects of excessive drinking will affect your liver and could lead to Cirrhosis.  When this type of irreversible chronic disease occurs from damaged liver cells, the cells can no longer regenerate. This could lead to liver failure.

Alcohol also stops fat oxidation in your body and will suppress carbs as well as protein oxidation. It propels dietary fats to be stored easily.  All in all, you will not gain weight from just drinking alcohol alone. It is the effects alcohol has on your body that provokes you to want to eat a variety of foods in the moment. Consuming alcohol can in fact reduce your ability to burn fat by 73 percent! It will also cause dehydration, which can impair the development of your muscle building.

According to “High protein intake will also compensate for the weak effect of alcohol on satiety and make you less likely to blow your diet when you’re drinking.”

There have been many studies that drinking alcohol could potentially have positive effects on your health. Yet, the reality of alcohol is not favorable for your health in any way.  To stay on a positive and healthy track for your life, a healthy balance of alcohol consumption is the way to go!

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