Don’t Worry, Be Happy – Like, Seriously!

“Worrying is like a rocking chair, it gives you something to do, but it gets you nowhere” – Glenn Turner

Sometimes I get caught up in my own thoughts about things I have no control over. Then I have a moment where I realize, why in the world am I stressing over something I can’t even control?! Not even in the slightest! It’s the letting go and “Hula Hoop” effect that needs to happen in those occasions.

I have to remind myself, sometimes daily, to “let go” of what I can’t control. It’s a waste of energy, time and stress. This is my precious life. When I think about it, I’ve wasted hours of my life stressing over a copious amount of crap. I think to myself, imagine what I could have done with all that extra time! I could’ve been writing, checking out a new coffee shop, bungee jumping… there are countless things I could be doing! Okay, I may have taken it a little far there, but you get the point.

Stressing and worrying about many things, is controlling your body. As well as your happiness in a negative way. Plus, you’re just giving yourself stress wrinkles and a few extra gray hairs!

I have moments where I zone out and go into those deep thoughts, or lose motivation to do something else. Perhaps I’m even doing something else, but I’m not present in the moment. I’m physically there, but my mind is elsewhere. Talk about being “lifeless” in a sense. It is more enjoyable living in the actual moment and being cognizant of what is going on.

The “Hula Hoop” effect is something I learned from one of my best friends – Jenn, who heard this quote, “Stand inside a hula hoop. What’s in it? You. That’s all you can control. Everything outside is beyond your control”. This is a strong and valid statement.

Today is one of those days I choose to let go of things I’ve experienced, that I can’t control, and to be happy! In my mind, I put those thoughts on paper, crinkle them up, and throw them away. I am vouching to do my best in making this a daily habit. This way I can continue appreciating the positive things in my life (and be more in the moment!). Why not join me on this journey?!

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