Eating Well While In “Vacation” Mode

Let’s face it, a lot of us use going on vacation as an excuse to eat unhealthy food.

Since you are going on a vacation, you may have convinced yourself that you deserve to eat or drink what you want. Does it feel good when you return from vacation? All the eating well and working out perhaps, was just thrown out the door because you were on vacation.

I am much guilty of telling myself I’ve earned eating all the junk food or drinks I want when I go on vacation. Sometimes my mindset switches that I almost don’t even care because I just want to be able to do what I want… “I’m on vacation people!” Yet, every single time I return home, I feel guilty for it. Usually I feel worse or have a lot of making up to do; always the miserable reality to return to from vacation!

The best thing to do in my opinion is to balance it all. If you have changed your eating habits, then continue them even while on vacation. Those that have good eating habits already know their balance. You don’t have to restrict yourself from eating those unhealthy meals if you don’t want to. Maybe you’ll feel bored or stressed out forcing yourself to avoid them. But, if you balance it out the majority of the time (let’s say 75%), then there’s no harm every so often eating a bad meal.

If you have not changed your eating habits, then now is the time to do that. Not Monday, not next week, now. Focus on eating clean and remove the word “diet” from your vocabulary. It is not a diet unless you want the results to be temporary. That’s pretty much what a diet is. You eat “healthy” for maybe two-four weeks. After seeing the results you want, you go right back into “vacation” mode. Eating the unhealthy foods you had before because you earned it after your diet right? Sure, maybe you earned a meal or two if you want to praise yourself that way. It usually doesn’t pay off though if that’s how your mindset is.

Wouldn’t you rather earn the results with seeing your body in the shape you’ve wanted? And feel good about yourself? Perhaps change your mind set on what you earn or treat yourself to. Instead of an unhealthy meal every day, treat yourself to a massage or something else you enjoy.

The best way to learn how to balance your eating habits is a food journal. Or a log of how often you’re eating meals that are unhealthy. I know for me, I hate logging my food. That doesn’t work for me. It actually stresses me out more. I only log my food that I know is unhealthy.  It helped me see how often I wasn’t unhealthy. I was able to discover and learn about my own proper balance. Everyone has his or her own preference on how they choose to track their meals.

Keep in mind; you will need patience for the results and for mastering your own routine. They will not happen overnight. “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. Once you are in a good place of eating well, then when your next vacation arrives it’ll be a breeze. They say it takes 21 days to form a habit. Yet, the latest studies say it actually takes an average of 2 months for the behavior to form into a habit. Also, remaining active while on vacation is always a plus. Whether that be a daily run in the morning or even just a brisk walk, will be beneficial. When you feel healthy and good about yourself, every day will feel like a vacation!

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