How You Act Is What You Attract

We tend to attract certain people or fall into situations because of the way we are acting, but may not realize it.

We all know the saying “Misery loves company”, and it’s true.

Do you notice when someone is negative, their pessimistic mood may win over someone’s positive mood? When others are negative, it’s difficult pulling them out of the deep hole.

You may realize you’re being negative about things you weren’t even thinking about beforehand. Perhaps it’s nonsense that never even crossed your mind until that moment. By the end of the conversation, everyone including you is now in a lousy mood. If you do this around a negative person, then you’re doing the same thing back. At that point you are “attracting” more negative people and are bringing others down.

When someone is being crabby or an outright jerk face, it’s pretty noticeable right away. Not as much if you are in a cheerful mood. When you are in a positive mood, then others may not get under your skin the same way if you were in a negative mood. Of course you are aware of how they are acting, but choose not to let it affect you when you have an optimistic mindset.

On the other spectrum, when you are in a bad mood, then you may notice crabby people which will add fuel to the fire. The attitude you give off draws more attention to those that are also pessimistic at the time.

When you act negative, you attract more of those people and start seeing them everywhere. You become hyper-focused on that type of behavior. They keep rubbing salt in the wound.

Once you turn your attitude more positive, then colors will become brighter. You will ‘attract’ happier people. The birds will begin singing melodies to you, the sun will shine brighter and no more red lights! All right, maybe all those things might not happen at the same time and immediately, but they can!

When you’re focusing more on the positive, then overtime you will learn how to repel Mr. & Mrs. Crankerson. Life gets better and easier; as well as your mood and everything around you. “You can’t live a positive life with a negative mind.”


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  1. Repel the Crankerson. It’s really devastating how the negative cancer can spread so quickly throughout a body of people. Cancer cells not only are dangerous to themselves but they do an awesome job at killing the good cells around them. Great post keep it up.

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