It’s the Most, Wonderful Time Of The Year! Even though it’s hot as…


This is one of the first years it has not felt like Christmas to me. I’m not sure if it’s from the hot, humid weather here in Tampa, or that I did not decorate for the first time this year. It could be the fact that I haven’t heard as much Christmas music on the radio as I have in the past.

I remember Christmas music playing all day right after Thanksgiving. It was actually quite annoying! Yet it brainwashed me and I was ready for Christmas by the time it arrived. Perhaps I was ready for the Christmas music to end already?! Who knows, but I do miss feeling more in the holiday spirit.

This year, nah. Not feeling the Christmas spirit, not even from other people. I got my Christmas shopping done on Black Friday. Usually, I get excited to wrap all my gifts and create my handmade cards. I have had all my gifts sitting on the floor in my room since Thanksgiving. I haven’t wrapped a single thing until last night. No point since the roomie and I have a Charlie Brown tree (which is the best ever!). I even bought only one roll of wrapping paper this year and ran out of it, of course. Some gifts are wrapped, some are half wrapped when I was running out and others aren’t wrapped at all. If you get one that’s not wrapped at all, well, at least I got you something! Anyways, Christmas shouldn’t be about gifts. It should be about love and family time… yadda yadda.

To many others, it may seem odd that I’m doing things different this year. Yet, I like how simple I’ve kept it this year and that I didn’t stress over pulling out all the decorations. I’m actually okay with it being an “off” year. I never thought I would say that since I have always loved decorating and holidays. I have come to realize I am living the simple life like I have been craving for so long. Those that are also simple and have the mindset “less is more”, can relate to what I’m talking about here.

Does it also make me a Grinch that I’m unhappy to have to work today? A quick shout out to all those working today Christmas Eve today! Hoping everyone has a safe and Happy Holiday!


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