Start the New Year off right! Recognize the key to happiness

The key to happiness is letting go of your past hurts, anger, pain and anything negative!

Someone once told me, if you’re having a bad day, “just let it go and release it into the universe. Let the universe take care of it!” It takes practice working through the “letting go” process, but once you do, it is so freeing!

Part of being happy, is learning the avoidance of dwelling on an ample of things from your life. Stop dwelling, let go and move on.

I do understand that it is challenging and difficult when you’ve been hurt. Especially when you continue to be hurt by the same type of matters that falls into similar categories. But, we have all been there. We all have our own stories, our own hurts, and our own pains. We’ve all been through our own upsetting experiences. We cannot control everything and will have experiences over the course of our life. We also cannot live our lives holding onto those headaches or we will never find true happiness.

The key to your own happiness is letting go of the hurt and pain others or you have caused yourself.

Although you make the choice to let go, it doesn’t mean you will forget about what happened in the first place. If this is in regards to someone hurting you, this isn’t telling that person that you will tolerate it. This is all about you, your life, and your happiness. It’s part of life. We have to get to that point where we just accept that it happened and move on with our lives. We cannot go back in time and change it, so why dwell on it anymore?

The unfortunate situations we experience in our own lives are what help us to become a stronger.

Have you ever realized how long you may have been holding on to the pain or hurt someone caused you? How long have you been holding onto pain that you caused yourself? We all make mistakes. Considering we all make mistakes, then we all deserve forgiveness. Forgive those that have hurt you. Forgive yourself.

Nobody is perfect, and nobody will ever be perfect. Forgiveness comes from within. Forgive others for your own happiness, so you can move on. Forgiving someone doesn’t mean they have to know or you need to tell them. You can and should in some situations. I stress that again, forgiving someone for the pain they have caused you, can be for you and you only.

Remember to also forgive yourself for any mistakes you have made. Avoid beating yourself up if you’ve been in the same horrible situation several times. We all learn from our mistakes. There is nothing wrong that you did what was best for you. Even if it did not work out in your favor and only caused you more hurt. We cannot control how most situations turn out, especially when they involve other people. Forgive yourself. Learn from those mistakes, and move on.

Most of us know the saying “Practice makes perfect”. Try and look at those unfavorable situations that happened in your life that way. Perhaps some of them happened to bring you closer to that more “perfect” life. Although nothing in life will ever be “perfect”. At least you can recognize how to achieve your own bliss. Surround yourself with those that bring you positive, happy vibes instead of the latter.

I have found that letting go has brought me so much freedom and happiness. It has given my brain so much more room for positive, happy thoughts. As well as things that put a smile on my face instead of a frown. I also have more room for new and happy memories to store! Further, meditation has helped me. If you haven’t tried meditating, I would start and do this every day, even for just a couple of minutes.

Start planning this New Year, the year you let go of these things and find pure joyful bliss and happiness. For some people, rituals may help in letting go. Try writing down all the things you want to let go of and release into the universe. Then tear them up into pieces and throw them away. If you prefer, say them out loud outside and release a balloon to watch it drift off into the universe. Whatever you find fitting, release it and be free!

Have a Happy and Euphoric New Year, New You! Find your calm, your peace, your serenity and your happiness!

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