Hate drama, but catch yourself in it often? This could be why…

It’s the lion’s share. If you do not like drama, but catch yourself in those situations then there’s a reason behind it.

The common denominator could be you. I am not saying you’re the one causing it. Perhaps you keep finding yourself in those situations because you are engaging or enabling it.

Think back to some situations you caught yourself in that were quite dramatic. There is something you are contributing to that is causing this. It is not that you are an unfortunate person who keeps getting caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. It also doesn’t mean you are causing a scene or anything along those lines such as that other person.

Generally speaking, take a look at how you handled the situation when it arose. Did you choose to be the bigger person and walk away? Did you “chime in” and add your two cents? Did you test this person or play some type of game to see what they would do or how they would react? If you observe how you handled it, you may come to realize that you did in fact add to the drama in some type of way. This could be why you continue finding yourself in similar situations often.

Drama is always going to be around us. Yet, if being a part of drama is not something you want in your life, then think over those situations you were in. Ponder on your part in the show.

Sometimes in the heat of the moment, we push buttons as some type of defense mechanism. We may add to the drama to prove a point. Is that ever helping the situation though? More times than not, it’s never beneficial on your behalf and for your own sanity. Plus, doing so is just adding to the already ugly situation you got yourself into.

Every case will be different, but it’s best to walk away from the situation. Or be the bigger person in that moment. Life is much easier and stress free when you have less drama and negativity in your life.

Who wants to be around a big drama queen/king anyway? All they seem to do is complain and whine about every little thing in their life and bring you into the mix. People like that usually have deeper issues and are unhappy with a lot of things in their life. Sometimes there is one in every group of people. If you don’t know who it is in your group of friends, then it could be you. Only kidding! Maybe…

Let the drama be your show to watch and not your part in the play!

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