One Day Juice Cleanse with BluePrint Cleanse

Yeah I know, it doesn’t sound that hard does it? Just one simple day… Oh but it wasn’t easy, that’s for sure!

On the token day we call Monday, I decided to go all out and do a one day juice cleanse. Every so often, I do a juice cleanse to remove toxins and restart my metabolism. I usually switch them up each time I do one. This time I did one that’s called BluePrint Cleanse, which I purchased at Whole Foods.

As if choosing Monday wasn’t bad enough, I did this with only having a little over 4 hours of sleep the night before. I wasn’t able to have coffee (except half a cup according to their plan), but I didn’t find that worth it. I also didn’t like the idea of having coffee when it seemed somewhat counterproductive in my eyes.

These juices had labels from numbers 1 – 6. Included were green juices, blends of Pineapple mint, lemonade with agave nectar and cashew nut non-dairy milk with cinnamon. I must admit, every single one of these juices were pretty delicious.

I was a bit concerned that having only 6 juices for an entire day would not be filling enough. Usually I’m a snacker, but it states you can’t have snacks unless they are a few specific items. I had to opt out of any snacks and focus on filling up on water or herbal tea. Since that was the case, I made sure to continue sipping on water all day.

6:30 AM – 1st Juice:  This was the green juice, which I drank/sipped on over the course of 2 hours. At this point, I was doing just fine with only having a juice in the morning because I wasn’t hungry anyway.

8:30/9:00 AM – 2nd Juice: The Pineapple Mint juice, I began sipping on for 2 hours. I was still doing fine and not feeling hungry or anything crazy.

11:30 AM – 3rd Juice: This was another green juice, and I sipped on it for a couple of hours again. At this point, I started to feel slight hunger pangs. It was difficult at work with all the catering orders and the delicious smells. It was tempting to cheat! But I didn’t.

2:00 PM – 4th Juice: My fourth drink was the Spicy Lemonade. By this time, I wanted to chew my arm off. It hit me and I was starving! I was at the point of thinking there was no way I could get through the evening like this. My thoughts consisted of: Maybe I could have a bowl of cereal? Or carrots? But that wasn’t on the list… I don’t want to cheat. Come on Elizabeth, its just ONE day! You can eat again tomorrow. You got this! I stuck to it.

4:30 PM – 5th Juice: This was the C.A.B – Apple, Carrot, Beet, Lemon, Ginger juice. By this juice, I was fuller and feeling more comfortable with just drinking juices. I felt better at this point about completing it the rest of the day.

After I left work for the day around 5:30 PM, I was finishing up my 5th juice before heading to a massage/facial. I thought, “Oh good, well at least I’ll be too occupied over the next 2 hours to notice if I’m that hungry anyway”.

8:15 PM – 6th and final Juice: This was the cashew nut non-dairy milk and cinnamon juice. I was looking forward to this one all day! It was so delicious and a perfect end to the cleanse. They say to drink it 2 hours before bed – so I had to chug it!

Thoughts/Feelings of the cleanse:

  • I did fine without caffeine all day but was on quite a rollercoaster of hunger pains until later in the day. Stick it out!
  • The following day I felt pretty good and noticed I was fuller faster with my meals. I did cave and have a chocolate chip cookie <–ultimate favorite, but it wasn’t even that delicious or worth it. What the what?! I couldn’t even believe that!
  • All in all, I felt the cleanse was great, tasted good, and helped kick me in the ass again to eat clean.
  • Mind over matter <— Most important! The more you keep telling yourself you can do something, then you actually can!

We will see what the next juice cleanse brings me!

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