Be The Person You Wish Others Would Be

We tend to get fixated on how we view other people, and how they should conform to our ways. When we get caught up in our own thoughts of how others should be, we may not realize we do not practice what we preach. Are we all acting and being the way we want others to be? Most likely not.

Most of us are guilty in thinking this way, which is completely normal. We are all judgmental in our own ways because it’s instinctual. Thanks to society, we have created these thoughts and habits. Yet, if you recognize this, then it can better serve you in viewing yourself and others in a different light.

How do you think others view you? Some of us may tell others we can’t stand it when they lie, argue, raise their voice, assume things, or cheat on us. Well, have you ever done any of those things? Perhaps you are doing more of those things than you realize. Yet you are justifying them because it’s you. How is that fair that you expect others not to be that way? And no explanations or good reasons would be acceptable to you, but you can be that way?!

Be the person you want others to be. Lead by example. Focus on being the respectful, honest, positive and happy person that you would like to see in others. Or whatever morals/values you embrace the most. The more you work on yourself, the more honest you are to your own words and become surrounded by those people. You will inspire and impact others as well as connect with people that have similar ways as you.

This way you are not being a hypocrite if you have a conversation with someone about their behavior. You can talk in a manner in which they may understand because they see it in you already. Help them understand that you are trying to help them change their bad behavior and lousy habits.

Practice makes perfect and Rome was not built overnight. Be patient with yourself and learn from your mistakes. Nobody is perfect, nor will anyone ever be perfect — Perfect is boring anyway! Stay true to yourself. Go be the best YOU!

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