Look up from that phone, life is happening all around you!

Oh 2016, how technology savvy we are! D0 you ever just stop, look around and notice how many people are looking down at their phone? Even when they are crossing the street they are on their phones!

I recently got into a serious car accident that opened my eyes to the importance of this short lived life. It made me realize the importance of my life and the lives of others that are close to me. I’ve spent so much time on social media and on my phone with others, but I don’t want to be that person anymore.

We are becoming so connected to our techie gadgets, that we are losing focus on the things that matter. Being more in the moment and enjoying our time with the people we spend it with. Life is happening so fast nowadays. Which in turn causes us to have less time with ourselves and with others. Who and how we choose to spend our little free time with, should actually matter. We are not doing ourselves justice by spending that time on our phone instead.

Several months ago, I took my little sister to lunch at Firehouse Subs. While we were eating at the table, I noticed a mother, father and daughter eating together. To my surprise (or maybe not), all three of them were busy with something else. The father was on his cell phone, the mother was on her iPad and the daughter was reading a book. Neither of them said a word to each other the entire time we were there. It was disappointing to see. Perhaps, it’s their culture or lifestyle, who knows. Yet, I don’t understand how you can enjoy a meal with friends or family, and not speak to one another the entire time.

We have to remind ourselves that we should seize every moment we have with each person we are with. We never know what tomorrow will bring. Life should be more about connecting with people, being in the moment and creating memories – Like it used to be before all this technology! If friendships/relationships continue in this pattern, moments with others may become faint memories. There may be questionable thoughts since they weren’t paying attention… they weren’t there. Instead, they were more focused or preoccupied in the virtual world. It’s not our days we will remember, it’s our moments.

This virtual world is time consuming and we are all a part of it at this point. Have you ever added up the minutes/hours you’ve been spending on social media per day? I downloaded an app some time ago shows you how many times you logged onto social media per day. I spent a lot of time logging on per day, even though I wasn’t spending copious amounts of hours on there. At times, it was just because I had a notification and seeing the bubble icon on the app that would drive me nuts. I would have to check it. But this was a wake-up call!

“The living moment is everything”

That was the eye opener I needed. That’s when I changed my notification settings on my phone and took a big step back from how much time I spent on there. I did not want to spend so much of my incredible life, checking updates on social media of other peoples’ lives. I do like to post on there like most others, especially for my blog (and many others do for their business of course). Yet, I don’t see the need for long periods of time, when I could be out there living in the moment! I feel there should be more of a balance, so it’s not all too consuming of our valuable time.

Think about all the extra things you could be doing with your time and your life. You could be connecting with others, reading, writing, going on a bike ride, a run, hula hooping! The possibilities are endless! Finding out the hard way that life is too short, is what we want to avoid. “Live Simply. Dream Big. Be Grateful. Give Love. Laugh Lots.”

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