My Western Caribbean Cruise For Turning 32

On March 19th, 2016 (my birthday), one of my bestie’s and I sailed away to the Western Caribbean. It was a five day cruise to the Grand Cayman Islands and Cozumel. Oh, and might I add that we purchased the drink package — all you can drink all day, every day?! Sign me up!

The first day was amazing! When we finally made it on the cruise ship and stopped by our room, we walked up I saw a birthday sign on our door, and said “Ah! They know it’s my birthday!” My friend gave me this look and said “You’re welcome!” Ooops! Inside the room was also all decorated for my birthday, which I again thought was the staff on the cruise. It was an awesome surprise from my bestie — Thanks again! <grinning>


Some of our funny/interesting moments to share just about dinner:

  • Dinner at the restaurant was quite awkward almost each night we attended. We chose the later dinners, and with those they sit you at a round table with a group of strangers. On the first night, it was just the two of us and another lady with her daughter (whom were awesome people by the way). Although, at a table that seats about 10, they sat right next to us when the table was empty. The first night the waiters got everyone around in the restaurant to sing happy birthday to me. That was quite an amazing moment to experience! Although, my friend took forever to find her phone to even record it, and never got to it <smh>.
  • Shortly after, an older man that was dining with his wife near us and he came over to me. He said “Elizabeth, I’m going to give you something for your birthday that I’m sure no one has given you before”. He then handed me a 100 grand chocolate bar. Such a special and fun moment that put a smile on my face!
  • The waiters at this restaurant were kind of… annoying. They would say “excuse me” every time they reached over you or near you, and it was often. When I ordered spinach and artichoke dip, they gave me more dip than chips. They gave me 7 chips — we counted! I ran out of chips and asked for more. Instead of bringing me more chips, they brought me a whole new plate of the chips and dip… with only 7 chips again! What the?! Made no sense! I still didn’t have enough chips to eat with that amount of dip they gave me.
  • They had a guy dressed up like Johnny Depp from Pirates of the Caribbean that went around taking pictures. Sure, sounds like it’s just a funny silly photo right? Except it was in the middle of us all eating dinner! It was so awkward and disturbing. We were trying to eat and had to stop each time for a photo like this. Along with another photographer that went around to each person to take pictures as well. They took one of you alone, and then with the person/people you were with. Each night! There was no eating in peace…
  • When I tried ordering a drink off, the waiter kept interrupting me to ask me what dessert I wanted. I kept telling him I wanted one of the dessert cocktails and wanted to know if it was included in my drink package… Waiter: “Ok, but what dessert do you want?” Me: “Is it included in my drink package? Am I not allowed to order a drink first before dessert?” I had to repeat this to him up to 5 times before I was able to order a drink first and he finally told me it was included. Goodness gracious.
  •  The second night we arrived eight minutes early and we walked straight to our table. After sitting down, I grabbed my folded napkin and put it on my lap. The waiter came over to us to tell us they weren’t ready yet. My friend replied “Does that mean we have to leave?” Waiter: “No, you have to wait outside” Friend: “That means leave!” We had to get up, walk back to the door and stand there for 3 more minutes until they would let us go back and sit down. After returning to the table, my napkin wasn’t even redone! What was the point?!
  • One of the evenings at dinner they went around with shots of Kahlua and asked if we wanted any. I love Kahlua, so I asked if it was included in our drink package. I mean we paid enough daily for unlimited drinks, so I didn’t want to have to pay anything extra! He told me yes. After I took the shot, I handed him back the shot glass and he told me “Oh no, you have to pay for the shot glass. So that’s yours” Me: “Ok but I don’t want it. So here you go” Dude: “Sorry mam, but its $5 and you have to pay for it since you drank out of it”. Wtf?! How inconsiderate! I didn’t even want the ugly shot glass and how misleading for them not to tell me that before I drank it!

Other fun/random moments:

  • We discovered later that you cannot order any two drinks at the same time. You had to wait 15 minutes each time until you could order another drink. Which meant, when I wanted to order a cocktail and a bottle of water, I couldn’t! So much for trying to be good…
  • The second day on the boat we slept a total of 11 hours! We weren’t even up late the night before but that was how much we needed some R&R on this trip!
  • Pretty much each day on the ship, we started drinking around 9 or 10 AM
  • In Cozumel, we bought bright pink shirts that said “Bitch 1” and “Bitch 2” and wore them on our last day. While at the bar that morning with the shirts, one dude came up to us and said “What are you bitches up to later?” At first we were offended, and then realized it was from our shirts. Then he concluded with “Alright, I’ll catch up with you bitches later”. That was a funny moment!

We had a fantastic cruise! Looking forward to the next one… Alaska!

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