What will it take for you to turn your life around?

Pull out your bucket list, or the list of things you want to do.

Not your chores list! How long is this list with everything you want to do, try and/or travel to? How is it compared to the list of things you’ve actually accomplished? What has been holding you back from turning this list into now?

Sometimes we need a kick in the ass to get moving or motivated to turn our words into actions.

It took a serious car accident I was in two years ago to get this website going making writing a priority for me. Why the hell wasn’t I doing this sooner?! I had no valid excuse for it. Writing has always been my passion; and I should have moved things around in my life a long time ago for it.

When you have a wake up call, you may take a look at how you’re spending your every day life. Then ask yourself if you’re content with where you are in your life. I’m talking in general with anything in your life, including your career.

Where you work is where you spend the majority of your time. The bulk of your life. We should be happy with almost every choice we make with our lives. If you’re not, then now is the time to do something about it!

“You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret to your success is found in your daily routine.” – John C. Maxwell

We are all guilty for coming up with a million excuses at some point in our lives. Ask yourself, are there legitimate reasons why you haven’t done anything about it? Sure, there are some situations that will happen in our lives that we have no control over. Perhaps they may prevent us from moving forward with other things. Nonetheless, that most likely isn’t the case each and every time we try.

I read an article that said to make a list of things that make you happy, then make another list of things you do every day. Compare them next to each other and make the changes in your life. That’s how simple it can be.

What makes me happy is writing, traveling, fitness and being outdoors in nature, to name a few. All I had to do was shuffle other things around in my life to make these essential. Anything you set your mind to, can happen by making it a priority.

Life is exciting when you also take a break out of your comfort zone and take a chance on something new. “There are no big rewards, without first taking big risks.”

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