The Universe Will Test You Often – Don’t Let It Get You Down!

Ever feel like something, someone or the universe is testing your patience? Some things occur all in one day, that it may become overwhelming. This can tend to feel like a domino effect. When it rains, it pours.

The universe may test you in many ways, throwing curve-balls into a great day. All this varies for each individual and their own life; even so, there are reasons behind it all.

We will always come across some points in our lives where we often feel tested in negative ways. How we choose to handle these “tests” will only make us stronger in the long run.  Will you let “them” win, or will you defeat it and turn it all around?

There are times when you may feel overwhelmed from several things happening to you all at once. This may be the universe testing your patience and strength.

This especially happens when you’re going through perhaps an ending of an important relationship. Do you ever notice that after the demise of the relationship, you see various things related to it? Some may be in association to that relationship now that you are in a more emotional state of mind.

For example, you may go to Starbucks, and the barista calls out the this persons name. Perhaps you may be somewhere and the song they play over the speakers was one you two shared together. Maybe you see their car everywhere that is the same exact color, make and model which was rare to see before.

These ‘tests’ may happen for you to learn a new perspective or find a positive outlook on the situation. And/or to learn how to become a stronger, more independent individual. Each situation will differ for everyone. This relies on you to look within yourself and your life to discover what it is exactly. These tests may continue happening until there is this power within yourself and in your life in general.

I’ve actually had these days before in my past; being tested and pushed to my limits. When I have days like that where it’s a domino effect of negative things, I remind myself that tomorrow is a new day.

Tomorrow will be different. This will pass and will be in the past. As well as, I need to gain perspective on what is happening and focus on the positives so the day does not kill my spirit.

There are times where it takes every ounce of me to remain calm and focus on the favorable things from my day. To be patient and kind to others still, instead of allowing my crummy day be taken out on an innocent human being. This is not always an easy thing, but practice makes perfect.

Things don’t always go our way, and we will be put to the test by the universe at several other points in our lives. We don’t always understand why in the moment, but it’s always for a reason. The answers or reasons usually unfold later down the road when we least expect it. Sometimes, we can chalk it up to just having a horrible day due to lack of sleep, a headache, etc. Remain strong and tough it out! It’ll all work out in the end one way or another if you keep your head up and remain positive. Later perhaps it will all make sense. Don’t let it get you down. Trust your journey! “The universe has shaken you to awaken you”.

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