Find Independence – Be a Rule Breaker!

Too many people are stuck in a box, following all the rules and living a mediocre life.

There are some rules to follow, of course. There’s also a lot you don’t have to follow. Life is much more exciting when you live on the edge! First, who put these “rules” in place? The law? Family? Friends? Loved ones? Okay, if it’s the law, you should follow it. But, if other people are putting these rules in place for your life, does that mean you have to follow them?
They say you’re too old to watch cartoons. Says who?! If it makes you happy, then watch them! Others say you shouldn’t date someone that’s much older or younger than you. Why not? Does it feel right to you? If it feels right to you then that’s all that matters.
Some say you’re too old to fly a kite, that it’s for kids. Who came up with that ‘rule’? I find it fun and exciting! Some have told me when I was in my mid twenty’s that I shouldn’t travel alone. I used to travel 100% of the time throughout the U.S., Canada and the Caribbean. Alone. Me, myself and I.
Why shouldn’t I travel alone? Sure, it seems unsafe to a lot of people because I was a young, attractive and a free-spirited woman. Yet, that shouldn’t stop me from traveling alone if it’s something that excited me. I wasn’t endangering my life.
I felt it was more about making wise and responsible decisions. If you are aware of your surroundings, then do you. I’m referring to chasing those dreams and passions of yours that people try to block you from doing. Don’t let anyone stop you!
I was told when I was younger that I shouldn’t pursue interior decorating. This was because I wouldn’t make any money. Back then, I followed the “rules”, I put aside my dreams and followed the safest route.
I don’t regret anything in my life and am happy with the direction my life went in. But, I was pretty ticked off as I got older to see all these shows on HGTV with interior decorating. I could have made a lot of money with it! That’s not what it was about for me though. It was about what made me happy. My life could be different if I broke the “rules” and did what I wanted to do for myself back then. We live and we learn though.
People are so caught up in the black and white in life. Ever heard of grey? There isn’t one way to do things in life. Who’s to say which way is the right or wrong way for each person? Several people may do things different than you. It depends on everyone’s distinctive life. We are all unique in our own ways. 
Does their way affect you and your life? If not, then why does it even matter what they choose?
Some people need to let go of the reins, and some need to stop conforming to others’ ways. Break outside of the box! Be different. Be you. Do what feels best for you, and you alone.
Don’t stress or worry about what ‘you’re supposed to do’. If it feels right for you, and makes you happy, then do it! Trust your journey and follow your heart!
“The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud.” ~Coco Chanel
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