Find Your Balance In Life

Modern technology now seems to affect humans in more ways than one. People seem to have lost their balance between real and social media life.

Several forget what it’s like to be a human and feel emotions. For example, what it feels like to be nervous when speaking in front of crowds. As well as the butterflies in your stomach when holding someone’s hand. The emotions many feel nowadays is the satisfaction of how many likes they may get on social media. Or the attention they receive of an attractive photo they posted.

Now it seems that people almost shun you for having real emotions. There is nothing wrong with having a moment where you’re upset or angry. Allow it. Feel it. Be in the moment. Find the balance of how long you choose to be in those moments that may not be positive.

Get it out of your system! It’s part of the process of life and going through the journey. As well as being a human. Try not to dwell or sulk for too long, but allow it. Handle them in a healthy manner if you are in some type of situation.

Everyone has their own ways of handling anger and what works best for them. Go for a run, hit a punching bag, scream into a pillow. Do whatever is constructive. But don’t feel that you need to put on a façade and sweep your emotions under a rug. There are healthy and productive ways to handle our emotions in different settings. If you feel like crying, excuse yourself to a restroom and let it all out. Allow it to happen when you feel it. There’s nothing weak about that.

Some people may view crying as a weakness and I couldn’t disagree more. Crying is not a weakness. It is one of the many emotions we get to feel as a human being. Tears can come in sadness, and out of pure joy. Letting out the tears is very freeing to the soul. Part of our journey is experiencing emotions. It is more constructive to feel them in the moment. Rather than the emotions be built up and unfold in an unhealthy manner later.

Don’t forget to be a human and live in your real life. Be free and feel what you need to feel!

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