Could you survive a day without social media?

I went 3 1/2 days of no social media over the holiday’s… and it was freeing!

I turned off all notifications on my phone that had to do with all social media. I even moved those apps to another page on my phone so I wouldn’t see them, or have temptation. It was a lot easier than I anticipated. I thought I was going to get that itch to see what was going on “out there”. Yet every time I had a slight moment like that, I turned to focusing on something in my life. I felt more productive and accomplished. And it got better each day! As well as each hour.
I caught up on projects I forgot about. I started new ones. My creative and artsy side was stronger than before; because now I had time for it. I had time to read more. Write more. Catch up on shows. Take in what was going on around me. Observe. Watch. Listen. I could smell and distinguish foods. Almost taste the food I smelled, because I was focusing in on it. Taking the time to actually be in the moment was incredible. I appreciated little things again.
I heard the birds singing and actually listened, and smiled. I saw the wind blowing in the trees. I saw kids running around on playgrounds giggling in the sunshine. I saw people having intense conversations over dinner in restaurants. Squirrels were eating acorns. Bumble bees were messing with dogs. A lady spilled coffee all over her pant suit. Clouds passed by. People were toasting to celebrations.
I felt so alive again! 
The high you get off of being in the moment is marvelous. This is something that needs to be more of a routine. For me and for those of you that want to experience a more fuller life. Let’s not forget what life is all about. The days we have remaining in our lives should not be checking what everyone else is doing. After you read this, go for a run or take a bubble bath and relax. No need to worry about what everyone else is doing. Focus on you. Happy Living!
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