Learn to Let Things Go and Criticize Less

When I was in my early 20’s, I used to be so critical of things people did. Things that I didn’t understand, but they also didn’t affect my life in any way. Why was I critical and why did I care? I have no idea. I was immature and didn’t have an open mind at the time to try and understand or make sense of it.

Regardless if I understood it, it never affected my life, so who cares? Now as I’m older and very much open-minded, I see the world different. I want to help others see it different too.

Do you criticize what others are doing with their lives? Yet, what they are doing isn’t affecting your life in any way, shape or form. Why do feel you are doing this? You may not know or understand why either. Reflecting on your life and actions is important. Criticizing what others choose to do with their life is quite pointless. And most likely hypocritical.

I say hypocritical because – Is there something you have done in your life that others have criticized you of? An opinion you didn’t want to hear. You most likely got upset or bitter over the comment. Think about that for a moment. If you don’t like it when others are doing that to you, then why are you doing it to them?

People tend to forget that this is the one life we get to live. And life is too short. As you get older, you see that more and more. And you appreciate the moments you have more and more. Let it go. Let people live and let them be. Because who cares what they choose to do? If it’s not affecting you and your life, and isn’t a “negative” thing, then move on.

Talk about something that matters and is more important. Go live your life and worry about the things that matter in your own world. There’s enough hate in this world and we need to learn to love others more. Appreciate the positive qualities other people can provide to us. Nobody is perfect. We also don’t know what someone has been through in their life.

Wouldn’t you feel bad knowing you were criticizing someone for working as a janitor? Only to find out they lost their mother, are a single parent and their house went into foreclosure. Give people the benefit of the doubt and stop judging, as well as assuming. Even if that wasn’t their life story, what difference does it make what they choose to do with their life?

All in all, be positive and give compliments instead of criticism. Love is love after all. Who wouldn’t prefer a compliment over a critical comment? “A few nice words can help a person a lot more than you think.”

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