Ever want to push the “reset” button sometimes?

It is going to be a beautiful day - Artwork by Kathryn Amisson

Some days are so rough, you just want to start over. Or call it a day early on when it just got started. How do you get through those days?

Depending on the type of week I’ve had, sometimes I want to push the reset button on a daily basis! You know, those days where it starts off with spilling coffee on your pants while driving to work. Then you realize you forgot to get gas the night before and you’re already running late to work. Your healthy salad you brought for lunch ends up being soggy. Everything at work falls through and you are scrambling to put the pieces together for an urgent deadline. You get home to an unexpected bill. It just continues on and on throughout the day. The ultimate domino effect.

I’ve been there, numerous times. Currently, feeling those emotions actually. Unfortunately, in reality, we don’t get that chance to push the reset button on these kinds of days. We can’t just say, “You know what, f@#$ it! I’ll just start over tomorrow.” We continue on, as part of adulting goes. This is part of life, as we learn and grow.

What has helped me on days like these, is taking a minute or two to just breathe. Take some deep breathes, inhale all the good shit, and exhale all the bullshit. Take a moment to meditate. Regroup. Let it go. It can work wonders!

Not to say this is the only thing that does the trick. There are certainly worse days than others. Sometimes, all you can do is just get through the day, doing what you need to do. Then praising yourself at the end of the day that you got through it. And reminding yourself that tomorrow is a new day. That simple saying goes such a long way for me at the end of a rocky day.

This too shall pass. It always does, each and every day. 

Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise.-Les Miserables

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