You Become What You Think

Now, this isn’t a literal statement, but it is a true statement of your state of mind.

What I’m saying by that is, if you tell yourself you can’t do this or that, then you won’t. If you tell yourself, you can do this or that, then you will. For example, if you say to yourself “I just can’t stand my boss”, and are constantly complaining about this person, then guess what? You are dwelling in the negative and will remain in that place. You will not only be unable to stand your boss, but you will also be focusing on their negative qualities. Which turns into a spiral direction and into a deeper hole.

On the other side of the spectrum, if you are annoyed by your boss’s qualities, find a positive silver lining in their annoying quirks. There is always a positive in every negative. Always.

It’s about mind over matter. Being persistent. Some people don’t realize how powerful the mind really is. If you put your mind to something, such as thinking about that physical feeling of something – Do you realize, your mind can imagine you feeling that feeling again, without actually feeling it? I know, that may sound rather confusing, haha. Let me explain further.

Have any of you ever had a dream, and in your dream, you felt physical pain or physical touch of some sort? Yet, it’s just a dream and isn’t really happening. I’ve had a dream before, that an intruder broke into my house, and shot me in the stomach. I’ve never been shot before and have absolutely no idea what that feels like. However, my mind had it’s own idea of what that physical pain may feel like.

In my dream, I felt excruciating physical pain in my abdomen where I was shot, and all that comes to follow with that. I was screaming and crying in pain. I even woke up feeling this intense pain; but again, it wasn’t even real. It was just a dream.

When you become aware and open to realizing how powerful your mind really is, then you will discover the ways of thinking and feeling to be whatever you want. You have the control and power of thinking, and feeling, to be anything you desire.

Take that power, and use it to your advantage. Keep thinking positive thoughts, and positive things will happen. Keep surrounding yourself with positive people, and more positive energy will come your way. Whatever you think, will be.

“Rule your mind, or it will rule you.” -Buddha

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