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Yes, I know I’m a writer and I love words, but the saying is true when it comes to people’s behavior. “Actions speak louder than Words”.

Sometimes, it’s very easy to get caught up in someone’s words. Especially from an individual that is good at wording everything a certain way. In other words, they know exactly what they are doing because it’s a game. They will twist their words, and yours, or manipulate you in a way to keep you holding on. In turn, we may lose sight of the fact that their actions are not at all matching their words.

This is easy for outsiders to see, but may ignore it there’s some type of attachment involved. If your friends/family are saying those things to you then pay attention. Because they are not seeing things through rose colored glasses like you may be. I’ve come to realize over time how important it is to focus on the actions more than the words with people.

Ponder over some of these questions:

If someone tells you they love you, can you tell they love you by their actions? Do you feel loved? If someone tells you they are being honest, are their actions proving they are trustworthy? If someone tells you they will attend an important event/place you invited them to, did they actually show up or have an excuse for not coming? In other words, if someone is telling you anything at all, do their actions actually back them up?

This goes in line with my blog on excuses. If someone continually tells you the same thing over and over and has an excuse for everything…. red flag!

Eventually you have to come to your own conclusion on what you would like to do with this person in your life. Depending on where they stand for you, it might be best to cut them out completely to avoid the let downs. As well as the state of confusion it causes you. It can drive you crazy dealing with something like that on a daily basis. If this isn’t someone you want or can cut out of your life, then learn to look at them different. Understand, they may not be completely honest. Learn to avoid counting on them for things or going to them for important matters. Accept them for who they are and keep your distance if you can.

We can’t change anyone. We can only help them be aware of what they may be doing, in some situations. Yet, they will only see it how they want to see it. They may never learn, realize or understand what you are saying until they have their own “Aha” moment. Sometimes, it takes walking out of people’s lives for them to fathom what they have done to you.


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