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The older I get, the more I recognize how many people are unreliable. Life is so busy, and people tend to cancel last minute obligations with all sorts of excuses.

Yet, at times they seem so careless about it. Perhaps, some are this way because they know most of us have busy lives, and you’ll believe their excuses. Even though, there may be a good chance it is an actual lie. Yes, we are all busy with our own things in life. But, is that why you always cancel last minute or in general? Or is it because you are exhausted and don’t even want to change clothes? The excuses and reasons are endless.

It is rather frustrating when you can no longer rely on someone, even for the simplest things. Why do people feel it’s okay to cancel on a friend, family member or loved one last minute with no valid excuse for it? How do you feel when others do that to you? Sometimes, it works out perfect because a part of you didn’t want to go out in the first place. Yet, other times, it can be rather disappointing.

As I’ve mentioned before in other posts, treat others how you want to be treated. There are some valid reasons to cancel on someone you made plans with. If it upsets you or disappoints you when others cancel on you last minute, then don’t do that to others either. It’s hypocritical anyway.

There is a reasonable amount of time where it’s acceptable to cancel on someone. Especially if it’s some type of emergency of some sort. If you’re cancelling within 24 hours of the planned event, then that’s where it becomes a little iffy. Again, it depends on what exactly the event is or your reason for needing to cancel.

Below are some questions to consider before you cancel on someone. After asking yourself these questions, take a moment to reflect on your answers.

  • Is this a valid excuse to cancel on them?
  • What is the reason I need to cancel these plans?
  • How important are these plans?
  • Would he/she be upset if I cancelled?
  • How would I feel if he/she did this to me last minute?

Be more of a reliable person. Especially to those you care about and love. In addition, to continue in that direction, be on time. Being reliable doesn’t only mean following through with plans. It also means consistently showing others they can count on you.If you make plans to meet friends for dinner at seven, show up at seven. Don’t be that person that is always running late, and holding up others. That’s disrespectful and rude.

Practice makes perfect. It’s simple to make these small changes and feels incredible when you know others trust in you.

“Show up. Be consistent. Do what you say. Give more than you take.” -Paul C. Brunson


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