People May Speak from Hurt and Pain they feel Inside

Artwork by Abril Andrade

Everyone has a history, and a past. We all have our own journeys and possible traumas we’ve experienced over the course of our life.

Most of us have hit that point at least once in our life, where we have said something we didn’t mean to someone we care about. Either out of sadness, hurt or some other emotion we feel inside. Sometimes, it is intentional, but it is thrown in a joke to soften the blow. How often do people actually mean what they say?

They say 50% of what we say out of anger, is actually true. Do you feel that is true for you? Ever notice how different someone may look when you go through a break-up with them? They may become unrecognizable to the person they were when you two were dating.

Going through a break-up with someone tends to reveal their true colors. It is then and during that moment you are able to see the type of person they really are. When people are experiencing pain, they may say some things they don’t mean to you. Or at least they may tell you they didn’t mean it. But then, where did those words come from? The pain of a broken heart tends to speak volumes. People can act completely out of control when they are hurting. It’s striking what people are capable of doing or saying when they feel pain inside.

Misery loves company. Some people want to see you hurting like they are inside. Most of us have been there at some point in our life. Maybe you have learned the hard way after seeing the wounds you caused to that person. Yet, others may continue speaking or acting this way, regardless of how it affects anyone.

It may be difficult to hear what someone says to you out of the pain they are feeling inside. Especially, when it’s hard to avoid their words. We can’t always take ourselves out of those situations where someone is verbally disrespecting us. Yet, you can’t quite predict when that may happen either, unless you may know that person well. In that case, then you see they don’t mean what they say, and hurt or anger is speaking to you. None of which makes it alright in any way since it is not respectful to you.

Take a moment to collect your thoughts and feelings, before you say something you don’t mean. Words can scar someone for a lifetime, and can never be erased or forgotten.

“Be careful what you say. You can say something hurtful in ten seconds, but ten years later, the wounds are still there.” -Joel Osteen

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