Who are your true friends?

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If you went off social media, would anyone know or realize it? Would anyone know your birthday?

Millennials, and modern technology, are taking over. Hard core. We rely on social media for almost everything now. Not only is it useful to secretly stalk others’ lives, but it’s convenient to have easy access at the tip of our fingers. Facebook alerts you when it’s someone’s birthday. Or when someone is filming something “live” so you don’t miss a beat of what they are doing.

Local and worldwide breaking news may be posted to social media before the news casters are aware. There are definitely some perks to it. But have you ever wondered, how many of your so-called friends on social media are actual friends?

This is a small test to discover this. Try going off social media for several weeks to a month. See how many people actually contact you (phone call or text) to check in and see how you’re doing. Also, you’ll discover which friends are genuinely there for you.

Superficial posts and such on social media are not being there for someone in a time of need. Showing up with soup when you’re sick. Stopping over when you are going through a heartbreak. Dropping off snacks or medicine when you are recovering from something. Calling to see how you are doing or to see what’s new in life. And are consistent with following through on confirmed plans. These are all great examples of true friendship.

I’ve recently discovered this over the past six months of my life while going through changes. And I needed a break from the fictitious social media posts. I also wanted to live my real life more than wasting time seeing another person’s life. It was during this time that I backed off social media that I saw who my true friends were. I didn’t deactivate my accounts, I stopped posting for a while. Those with sincere care, love or support for me reached out. And from there, I made more changes in my life. As well as doing a nice cleanse and detox from others on my social media too.

Now that’s not to say we aren’t all somewhat guilty of this at some point in our lives. However, you make the time for those that matter to you and are important to you. You’ll find a way if you want to. If you want to discover this for yourself, see what happens when you stop posting to social media. Fingers crossed, you’ll find out the truth, and discover more positives than negatives. Yet, take it as you may.

“Fake friends are like shadows. They follow you in the sun, but leave you in the dark.” 


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