Filters are Making People Less Confident

Artwork by Connie Mobley Johns

I’m sure most of you recognize how most photos posted online are filtered. Most of us have done this. Or, still currently do. It’s rare to see a natural photo posted these days that isn’t altered.

Almost every picture posted on social media now is filtered. Sure, there are several apps out there that have fun filters. Or you may need to alter the photo for particular reasons. Yet, what seems to be the issue at stake is how many people that are doing this for other reasons. They are becoming more and more insecure, and less confident with themselves. Some of their pictures are so filtered, that the photo may not even look like that person in reality.

This has been getting worse over the years of people doing this, and those are focusing on seeking more “likes”. If they aren’t getting enough “likes” on social media, then they feel worse about themselves. This vicious cycle continues and grows into a monster inside of them. People are picking themselves apart, and over-analyzing their looks. This is happening far more these days than before we had all these filters and apps. The younger generations are also become more self-critical of themselves when they shouldn’t be. It has been causing more issues for them at a young age, that they are developing deep seeded problems through their adulthood. This cycle needs to end. Especially for the younger ones struggling with insecurities that become bigger over time.

How about we work on being more secure, happy and confident with ourselves? It’s all in your head. You actually look better, as you are, without all those filters. You look wonderful the way you are. Do you believe that? If you don’t, then it’s best to work on your self-confidence. Spend time working through those insecurities. Tell yourself words of affirmations out-loud on a daily basis. And when you look in the mirror to remind yourself of how amazing you look. No one out there is as bad looking as they perceive themselves.

Let’s try posting more photos that are not filtered to make you look “better” than your original photo. You look much more natural and real in the non-filtered photos. It’s a humbling thing to see nowadays. People enjoying moments in their lives, snapping the photo and posting it. Just like that! Try it for a change!





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