Have you lost your identity?

Artwork by J-Young Devian

Over the years of being around a variety of people, you may eventually mirror them. You may do or say things that others around you are doing.

Do you recognize yourself? Do you feel that what you’re saying, or how you’re acting is who you are? We become so accustomed to others, and their ways, that we may lose our own identity.

I’ve gone through this feeling time and time again in my life. Where I began to not even recognize myself. Over the years of analyzing myself, my life and my direction, I could see what changed. It took months and months of self-discovery and self-reflection to figure it all out. Those you surround yourself with, can either change you or inspire you, for either the better, or the worse.

It is common to fall in unhealthy traps and accept behavior’s you don’t agree with over time. Most people become so accustomed to it that they don’t even recognize it’s happening to them. Social media also can play a factor into feeling a little more lost in your own world. The time spent viewing other people’s lives can create negative emotions, feelings or jealousy. Over time, it consumes you and your life, which becomes a deep seeded internal issue. You may feel less happy, less secure and less aware of other things that are superficial.

It takes some time to ponder over your life and to see when things started to change for you. It’s important to pinpoint those moments you began losing yourself or changing. If you don’t feel like yourself, or like how things are going, then make some changes. Turn things around so what you do, feels like yourself. Get your identity back and be the person others look up to!

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