Sometimes We Need A Wake-Up Call or A Slap In The Face

Artwork by Moira Gil

Do some awful things happen to you over and over? Like a domino effect, and you beat yourself up wondering why they keep happening?

Bad things happen in 3’s as they say, but some days/weeks it’s more like 10+.
What you did to deserve it? That may be one of the many questions you ask yourself. We should not beat ourselves up over crappy things that happen to us. Especially when it comes to other people doing the “crapping” on us (no pun intended).
You may not have done anything to deserve it. It could be the universe’s way of trying to kick you in the ass and give you a much needed wake-up call. Why do you think some of the same patterns keep happening to you? This is because you need to break the cycle. Go in a different direction. Open your eyes to see why you keep dating the same type of people, or why you keep ending up in a dead end job. Or why your friends continue to take advantage of you and walk all over you. I’ve had many wake-up calls happen to me in my life. One being that I need to be more aware of my surroundings and the people I choose to spend my time with.
A long time ago, I went to a bar with some friends. I bought a drink and left my wallet on the counter without noticing until later. By the time I realized it shortly after, it was stolen. Later on in the evening and 10 minutes after I left this bar, I got a call that it was “found in the trash” then turned in. Quite ironic that my wallet was found in a trash can in a dark and very busy bar. How could anyone see that?  Or pay attention and even care? Whomever this person was, may have observed what was going on and went for it. Then after I left, they turned it in after taking all my cash, and said they “found it in the trash”.
This was quite a wake up call for me at the time. One thing in particular I realized was that I should not be carrying all my credit cards every where I go. And, I need to save the numbers to my accounts for security reasons.
That is a smaller wake-up call compared to the behavior trends or choices we make that have the same end result. Take these hints from the universe more serious. You’ll be surprised at how different the outcome can and will be, on quite a positive note. Plus, your happiness will most likely improve, too! Good luck!
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