Life is Easier When You’re Honest

Artwork by Ben Saber

This is a no-brainer, but I wanted to elaborate on this a little bit.

When you lie or are dishonest, remembering what you said can be very tough. Sometimes, people will cover a lie with another lie because they can’t remember the first lie. Even thinking about it stresses me out! Lying to others can cause a considerable amount of stress and anxiety on one’s body. I’ll still never understand how some can live that way, digging themselves into a deeper hole. What is the ultimate point in lying?

Are you doing it to not hurt or offend the other person? Are you doing it to make the other person happy? Are you doing it to cover up something you’re hiding? I’m not talking about little white silly lies here.

Are the lies worth it? In the end, the other person will eventually find out the truth, and lose all respect for you. On top of being hurt. Is that what you want? I don’t see the point in trying to impress someone with lies, and not being yourself. That’s another stress factor since you’re trying to be someone that you are not.

Life is so much easier if you’re honest with yourself, and honest to others. This way, you are being true to yourself and you see how many appreciate you, for you. On the latter, you’ll learn things about yourself that may need some improvement. That’s okay, too. We all do! Also, you won’t have to stress about covering up your lies and remembering what story you told. You’ll learn to work through some difficult times or mistakes that have happened. And your health will improve!

Don’t be afraid to be yourself. Life is too short to not!

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