Mental Health has such a bad stigma attached to it, but it is actually a very healthy and positive thing to work through within yourself. I’ve grown a passion for wanting to spread the awareness to everyone – especially to young adults/teens. As many people out there do not understand the importance of working through traumatic or particular issues the right and healthy way. A lot of people either are not sure what to do, or “sweep” it under the rug because it is too much to deal with.

However, doing so, only causes the issue internally to grow over time and come back at you like a boomerang. It is very important and healthy to work through any issues the right way with a professional if need be, or through other healthy outlets (meditation, yoga, journaling, fitness, etc.). Over time, when you work through things the right way, it changes your life for the better. When you choose not to do anything about it or to face it head on, and it comes back at you like a boomerang, then you end up being in a much worse place than you started off with.

I have been there and I have seen what it does to others. I wish I had known about working through my internal stressors early on so I didn’t have to deal with things later on in life going through my adulthood. I am here to help spread this awareness so everyone can get the help and resources they need to become a healthier and happier person!